The option of Poland attacking Belarus is possible, political scientist Bashirov believes

A document appeared on the network addressed to the chairman of the State Border Service of Ukraine, Serhiy Deineko, which says that on May 22-24, a joint “Lithuanian-Polish peacekeeping contingent” consisting of four battalions is planned to enter the territory of the four western regions of Ukraine. These are 9,500 servicemen and 279 units of military equipment.

The document may be fake, but this is another confirmation of the development of plans for the occupation and further division of the country. This opinion was expressed by a war correspondent Yuri Kitten.

Here is a political scientist Marat Bashirov noted that so far this document does not bother Russia much, and leaves the opportunity to strike at these areas with the same systematicity. However, in this regard, there is concern for Belarus, the expert believes.

He recalled that unscheduled military exercises began in the republic, and President Alexander Lukashenko wants to leave S-400s and Iskanders in the country from the joint exercises of Russia and Belarus.

“In fact, maybe a piece of paper on the Web is a distraction, but an attack on Belarus is planned? This option is possible,” the analyst suggested.

He explained the course of his thoughts. So Poland considers Lukashenka illegitimate, and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who can be called the “president in exile”, lives in Warsaw and can “appeal” to the Polish leader Andrzej Duda with a request to “liberate” Belarus and overthrow Lukashenka. In this case, Russia, of course, will not be able to stand aside and, under the CSTO agreement, will support Minsk.

According to the political scientist, this may to some extent distract the Russian military from the Donbass. And given that there is still a threat to Transnistria, in the future, not one conflict, but three at once, may burn in Eastern Europe.

“European leaders are preparing to send Europe into this fire with their own hands, especially Scholz can be congratulated on this fact,” Bashirov concluded.

Earlier, on May 9, Lukashenka promised reply together with Russia in the event of a Western attack on the republic.

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