The OP announces an improvement in the situation on the fuel market

Today, the volumes of imported fuel already actually correspond to the volumes of daily consumption of gasoline and diesel at domestic gas stations.

This was stated by Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Rostyslav Shurma during a briefing at the Presidential Office, Ukrinform reports.

Shurma recalled that the enemy has been purposefully destroying the infrastructure for supplying Ukraine with oil products from the first day.

“A key producer of oil products was bombed, dozens of oil depots were blocked, the Black Sea was blocked, which was a large channel for the supply of imported diesel and gasoline fuel, supplies from the Mozyr oil refinery in Belarus were stopped. Therefore, today we actually have to restore from scratch the entire infrastructure for the supply of oil products through our western borders and from our Western partners,” Shurma said.

According to him, the Eastern European infrastructure – ports, railways, tanks, traction, factories – turned out to be unprepared for processing and transporting the amount of fuel needed by Ukraine, which is about 1 million tons of gasoline and diesel per month.

“The Office of the President, together with the government, is actively working to restore all supply chains with our European partners. Today, the volume of imports has increased 5 times compared to a month and a half ago, and now actually corresponds to the pace of daily consumption of gasoline and diesel at Ukrainian gas stations. Gasoline and there will be diesel, the situation is improving daily,” Shurma said.

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Considering that today sufficient volumes of gasoline and diesel are already being imported into the country to cover the needs of citizens, Shurma urged consumers to remain calm so that suppliers can calmly saturate all gas stations with fuel, create an appropriate reserve and be more protected from hostile actions.

“In addition, an additional strategic stock of oil products will be created in Ukraine, which cannot be bombed and destroyed, which will ensure stability in the fuel market for the coming months,” Shurma stressed.

As reported, one of the consequences of Russian aggression was the fuel crisis in Ukraine. Before the war, the country met a significant part of the demand for gasoline and diesel fuel through supplies from Russia and Belarus. In 2021, 62% of diesel fuel and 50% of gasoline came from Russia and Belarus. Another 10% were imported from Lithuania and by sea. Now these routes are lost.

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It will take time to reorient the market towards fuel purchases in Europe – in particular, due to problems with transportation. In addition, the enemy purposefully destroys fuel infrastructure facilities by attacking the storage bases of filling stations, product pipelines and production facilities of Ukrainian refineries.

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