The Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation raids the offices and homes of the six congressmen called ‘The Children’ of Popular Action

Congressman Elvis Vergara with members of Acción Popular.  Reference Photo: Andina
Congressman Elvis Vergara with members of Acción Popular. Reference Photo: Andina

The Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered this morning to raid the offices and homes of the six congressmen from the caucus of People’s Action who would be called “The Children” because of their links with the government of peter castle. These are Elvis Vergara, Ilich López, Jorge Flores Ancashi, Darwin Espinoza, Raúl Doroteo and Juan Carlos Mori.

The diligence, led by the deputy supreme prosecutor, Marco Huaman, It is carried out in the Fernando Belaunde Terry building of Parliament, which is located at Jirón Huallaga 358. Members of the Special Team of the National Police, which is commanded by Colonel PNP, support the operation. Harvey Colchadowho has become the target of the Executive’s attacks in recent days.

As recalled, the Public ministry investigates the parliamentarians of the lampa for the alleged crime of criminal organization. The authorities have arranged for the process to last 36 months. According to the prosecutor’s thesis, congressmen Vergara, López, Flores, Espinoza, Doroteo and Mori would have obtained illicit benefits, such as directing bids from the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the placement of officials in key positions in the portfolio.

Among the works supposedly addressed is the list of seven tenders for National Provias that karelim lopez revealed as part of his effective collaboration with the prosecution. The projects took place in the first months of Castillo’s administration and the winners of the contracts were consortia formed by Peruvian and Chinese companies for an amount of S/891,855,814.

“In addition to intervening in the aforementioned hiring, they would have supported the management of President Castillo and Silva in the MTC through their votes in Congress, either against the presidential vacancy motion or against the censorship/interpellation of ministers,” he says. the tax document. In exchange for this support, “they requested directing some public contracts and hiring trusted personnel that they proposed in different ministries, delivering the corresponding CVs for this.”

The six Popular Action parliamentarians would be middle managers within the alleged criminal organization, “constituting the so-called ‘congress arm,’ which would also be made up of other congressmen in the process of identification, all of whom with their role guaranteed the permanence of the aforementioned organization. in the Executive Power”.

Additionally, Auner Augusto Vásquez Cabrera, chief of the advisory cabinet, He would have been in charge of linking Pedro Castillo and ‘Los Niños’, due to his close relationship with Acción Popular for his candidacy in 2018 for mayor of Tacabamba. It was also reported in the Panamericana Televisión newscast that Vásquez Cabrera knew Messiah Guevara and Yonhy Lescanofor which everything was worked very “closely”.

On October 3, the subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations of the Congress of the Republic approved to initiate the investigation into the case “The children”.


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