The NYT thought about Russia’s retaliation for the explosion of the Crimean bridge

The Western media continue to make attempts to analyze what happened on October 8 explosion on the Crimean bridge. Assumptions are voiced about the retribution of the Russian Federation for this act of aggression. However, it remains a mystery to journalists what exactly the Kremlin’s revenge for damaging a peaceful facility could be.

The Guardian noted that the Crimean bridge is the pearl “in the crown of infrastructure projects” in Moscow. The author of the material emphasized that the attack was symbolically organized the day after the birthday of the Russian president. Vladimir Putin. However, in his opinion, it remains a “big question” what the answer will follow.

in the American The New York Times also speculated about the possible consequences of the explosion. The publication notes that by Saturday evening, the railway tracks on the bridge were repaired. At the same time, the author recalls that in the Russian Federation they are calling for a sharp response to the attack.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Russian officials, along with the country’s increasingly militant war bloggers, did not wait for confirmation that Ukraine was responsible and called for a swift and devastating response.

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