The number of neurological diseases is growing in Russia

Number patients with dementia increases in Russia every year. This is related to the stress in which people live for a long time, and the coronavirus pandemic. The therapist told Timur Asanov in an interview with the Public News Service.

According to him, now come to the fore neurological diseases: migraine, insomnia, and in some cases epilepsy. The number of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is also growing.

Severe stress is known to impair memory and cause early signs of dementia, the doctor explained.

A person may begin to forget some things, stop recognizing relatives, he may have a strong desire to go somewhere, the therapist added.

He noticed that dementia is now increasingly developing in fairly young people (from 50 years old). At this age, many already have a much worse memory, they forget what they wanted to say and do not remember what they were going to do, Asanov concluded.

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