The Nigerian Army kills more than 100 jihadists in the northwest of the country

Lakes, 26 Dec. The Nigerian Army killed more than 100 fighters from the jihadist group Boko Haram in an operation carried out in the northeastern state of Borno on December 20, military sources confirmed.

After a first wave of air strikes that day in the village of Mantari, in the town of Bama, “some terrorists who had survived returned to the same place to evacuate the bodies,” the spokesman for the Nigerian Air Force, Edward Gabkwet.

“This was an opportunity for another attack (…) in which more than 100 terrorists were neutralized,” added Gabkwet, detailing that several leaders of the group were among the killed jihadists.

Last Thursday, the Nigerian Army confirmed that it had killed at least 103 other fighters from Boko Haram and its splinter, the Islamic State in West Africa Province, in other operations carried out over the past three weeks in different areas of Borno. (ISWAP).

The Nigerian military also managed to rescue thirty civilian hostages, while 280 terrorists and their families – including 29 men, 73 women and 148 minors – turned themselves in and 22 were detained.

The northeast of Nigeria has been the target of attacks by Boko Haram since 2009, a violence that worsened from 2016 with the appearance of ISWAP.

Both groups seek to impose an Islamic-style state in Nigeria, a country with a Muslim majority in the north and a predominantly Christian one in the south.

Boko Haram and ISWAP have killed more than 35,000 people and caused some 2.7 million internal displacements, mostly in Nigeria, but also in neighboring countries such as Cameroon, Chad and Niger, according to UN and government data.

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