The new OSAGO rules come into force on October 1: what will change, whether to wait for the policy to rise in price

The new rules have already been partly applied in most companies, since neither clients nor the insurance companies themselves need extra bureaucracy.

The new rules have already been partly applied in most companies, since neither clients nor the insurance companies themselves need extra bureaucracy.

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New rules come into effect on October 1 OSAGO. The changes are revolutionary – it is assumed that they will save drivers, traffic police inspectors and employees of insurance companies from unnecessary red tape and paperwork.

“The new rules have already been partly applied in most companies, since neither clients nor insurance companies themselves need extra bureaucracy,” the head of the OSAGO selection service in Sravni.Ru told KP.RU Vasily Arimov. – Now these changes have been legalized.

Insurance relations are regulated by the Regulation of the Bank of Russia No. 431-P “On the rules for compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners.” So what will happen now.

In the event of an accident, you no longer need to inform your insurance company about it. In addition, the driver will not have to collect personal data of eyewitnesses after the accident. According to the current insurance rules, the participants in the accident had to indicate the names and addresses of eyewitnesses in the notice of the accident.

The most obvious change, which, as they say, just suggested itself, is the simplification of the issue with the examination of the car after the accident. If, according to the current rules, it was necessary to write a separate application for examination, now this is not necessary. It is enough to indicate your notification channel in the standard application for an insurance notice, which is drawn up in case of an accident. The results of the examination will be provided through this channel automatically.

Another anti-bureaucratic measure is not related to accidents, but will also make life easier. According to the current rules, in the event of a license plate change (such cases happen, for example, if hooligans remove the license plate and demand a ransom), the owner must report this to the insurance company within 3 days. Now you don’t need to do this: digitalization has reached the point where insurance companies can trace everything themselves through databases. The words about the possibility are alarming in the absence of words about the obligation. So it makes sense to check if the insurance data has been updated.

The changes will save the driver from unnecessary expenses. According to current standards, the insurance company compensates for the costs of evacuating the car from the scene of the accident and transporting the injured to the clinic. And from October 1, this list will be supplemented by the reimbursement of postage for sending documents about the accident.

In some ways, the new requirements will still add worries. For example, in the old way, if a person sold his car, he was not required to report this to the insurance company. Except if the driver would like to receive compensation for the unused period. From October 1, drivers will be required to report in writing to the insurance company about the change of ownership.

The procedure for terminating the insurance contract in case of loss of the car – theft or disposal – is more clearly formulated. Now it is written that the date of early termination is the date of this very loss, confirmed by the authorized body. And from October 1, a specific body is indicated – this is the traffic police. And the basis is the traffic police document on deregistration of the car.

Well, the main question is whether all these changes will lead to an increase in the cost of the policy. The texts say nothing about it. The expert also sees no cause for concern.

– The cost of policies, most likely, will not change, as the costs of the introduction of new rules will increase slightly, – said Vasily Arimov.

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