The new government became the most right-wing in the history of Israel

Forming a government proved to be a daunting task for Netanyahu

Forming a government proved to be a daunting task for Netanyahu


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who returned to power, reported to the President on the formation of a new government of the country. This happened literally a few minutes before the expiration of the appointed time.

The fifth extraordinary parliamentary elections that took place in Israel over the past more than three years, not only returned Prime Minister Netanyahu to his place, but also gave him the opportunity to form the most right-wing cabinet of ministers in the history of the state, writes financial times.

In addition to the right-wing Likud party headed by the new prime minister, the ruling coalition included religious and right-wing parties: Religious Zionism, Noam, Otzma Yehudit, Yahadut ha-Torah and Shas.

“Thanks to the huge public support that we received in the last elections, I was able to create a government that will work for the benefit of all Israeli citizens,” Netanyahu said, commenting on the formation of the cabinet.

Likud became the leader of electoral sympathies in the elections held in early November. After the votes were counted, it became clear that Benjamin Netanyahu, who headed the Israeli government for more than 15 years and left his post in 2021, will again become the head of the government.

Forming a government turned out to be a difficult task for Netanyahu: he could not do it within the time allotted by law, and on December 11, Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog added another 10 days to him.

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