The new Almaz-Anteya UAV will help in a special operation in Ukraine

The new UAV of the Almaz-Antey concern will help the RF Armed Forces in reconnaissance and targeting during the NWO in Ukraine.

This was reported by RIA Novosti, citing a leading Russian expert in the field of drones. Denis Fedutinov.

The Aerospace Defense Concern has already announced the launch of a multifunctional light UAV. The expert noted that the operation showed the demand for small-sized drones, including multicopters, among the units.

“The systems allow lower-level units to quickly receive critical short-range surveillance data, literally “behind the hill” or “behind the house”, if we talk about working in urban conditions, significantly increasing their situational awareness, which means reducing losses and increasing effectiveness of actions in general,” Fedutinov explained.

The fact that companies from the Russian Federation can not only close their deficit, but also ensure constant replenishment, provides the best solution to the problem.

The drone is controlled from a tablet, laptop or mobile phone. The UAV has high strength and low weight.

The speed of the novelty is 120 km / h, and all the maneuverability characteristics are better compared to analogues.

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