the need for additional training for the mobilized is determined by the command

Terms of additional training for citizens who fell under partial mobilizationset by the military command. In a number of cases, according to his decision, this training is not available, if we are talking about those who already have recent combat experience. State Duma deputy spoke about this Ernest Valeev.

“Individual cases can be … There are people who are taught today – only to spoil, to put it in everyday language. There are people who today do not need additional training and there are quite a lot of them. We are talking about people with a good military education and combatants,” – explained Valeev in an interview with URA. RU.

Legislatively terms of additional training for the mobilized Russians are not assigned, the parliamentarian noted. Terms are appointed by the command, and depend on the level of preparedness and the type of military registration specialty of a citizen.

The place of additional training also determines the command, Valeev added.

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