The mystery of the death of Yuri Shatunov: what the singer’s entourage hides


To “achieve the truth and punish those responsible for the death of Shatunov,” the fans launched a violent activity

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

The other day it was 100 days without Yura Shatunov: the star of the eighties died of a massive heart attack on the night of June 23. However, fans who are still on duty every day at the artist’s grave are sure that the death of their idol was not natural. In social networks, you can find hundreds of videos and thousands of comments on this topic – as it turned out, this is a huge community, and the degree of discussion only grows over time. And the most devoted fans even organized their own group, where they sort out the circumstances of the tragedy step by step. And many of them blame the sudden death of the soloist of “Tender May” to his inner circle. The KP.RU website studied fan publics and was amazed at the passions that boil there.

So, fans have a special dislike for the director of the singer Arkady Kudryashov, who was next to Shatunov at the time of the emergency and could not save him. Discussions are full of conspiracy theories: they say, it is no coincidence that on the day of the tragedy the artist ended up far outside the city, where there are one and a half doctors in the entire district. A quiet place is supposedly ideal for getting rid of a person and covering their tracks… Moreover, according to the activists, Shatunova was not even called an ambulance.

– Checked by a special commission. Turns out there was a call. But the ambulance was not called! fans write. – Only a male voice consulted for help with a heart attack and personally refused the call. For what reasons? They didn’t want to shine, where did they deal with Yura? But why didn’t the inspectors determine the geolocation of the call? That’s outrageous!

Others even believe that the ambulance, in which the singer was transported from one hospital to another, more equipped, was … fake. Allegedly, Yura Shatunov was taken in a rented car, painted as an ambulance. And the role of doctors was played by extras.

Fans are still on duty every day at the grave of the artist

Fans are still on duty every day at the grave of the artist

A photo: Alena MARTYNOVA

In order to “get the truth and punish those responsible for the death of Shatunov,” the fans launched a storm of activity: they “punched” the license plates of the cars that drove the singer that fateful evening, they were looking for the owners of the dacha where the artist was resting. And Shatunov’s entourage is also strenuously wooling. So, director Kudryashov, according to them, is allegedly not the person he claims to be. Like, his real name is either Muravyov or Vorontsov, and by such full names on the Web you can find information about all sorts of dubious transactions.

– But nobody knows anything about a man named Kudryashov. A dark personality without a biography. Poor Yura, with whom did you work – the fans are at a loss.

The main question – what is the benefit of Shatunov’s sudden death – the fans have long decided for themselves: it’s all about money and the rights to songs, which, after the death of the artist, supposedly went not to the family, but to strangers. By the way, another bloodthirsty version concerns the producer of the group Andrei Razin: they say, if Shatunov won the subsequent courts (what?!), Razin would have to “return all the money for the last 30 years” (?!).

At the same time, apparently, the fans have no evidence – only suspicions and a strong desire to prove that Shatunov was killed. However, the investigation does not share these ideas: checking the circumstances of the tragedy ended with peaceful conclusions about the absence of crime. But people still don’t believe.

Yura Shatunov - star of the eighties

Yura Shatunov – star of the eighties


– Yura, give us a hint who did this to you and why. Perhaps, having learned the truth, we will at least let you go a little, the fans are asking.

However, there are those who believe: Shatunov is still alive. Allegedly, death is just a staging in order to put an end to legal squabbles for the rights to the hits of “Tender May” and finally live a quiet life. Proofs? Please.

“There are too many inconsistencies, including in the last video where Shatunov is taken to the hospital,” say supporters of the most radical version. – Somehow calmly all this happens, although it is clearly visible that Yuri is ill. They brought him in light-colored clothes, and then carried him out in a dark T-shirt. All this is thought provoking. Did they take Yura out of the hospital at all? Most likely, Yura is alive! That’s what my heart says…


“We are in mourning!”

And what does Arkady Kudryashov himself think about this, who, according to the assurances of the fans, regularly monitors their publics and puts fans in the wheel? The KP.RU website called the director to ask this and other questions. For example, will relatives open the Shatunov Museum, which the listeners of “Tender May” are waiting for.

We are in mourning! – Kudryashov answered the KP.RU call in a tired voice, disowning any activity related to the name of the famous ward.

– Arkady, what can you say about the conjectures of the fans? In social networks, they just don’t accuse you of anything …

– I don’t read who writes what. I already told you: we are in mourning! I have nothing more to add!

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