The mushroom wants to close the refugee center if it does not help the state. He is also considering tents Home

Boletus also on Tuesday for Diary N He said that due to the situation with refugees from Ukraine, who are at the main station and have nowhere to go, Prague is considering building a tent town.

In March, less than a month after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he hoped that such a step would not take place. In the Rozstřel program on the portal, he said at the time that the accommodation of refugees in tents was out of place. He argued that there is still enough decent housing capacity.

On Tuesday, he sent a letter to Prime Minister Petr Fial calling on him to resolve the current situation. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion at the end of February, the Prague Refugee Center in Vysočany for the metropolis and Central Bohemia has
84 219 refugees.

“At the meeting with the governors, data was presented on Tuesday, which clearly shows the overcapacity of the capital and its uneven burden compared to other regions. Without a functioning mechanism for the distribution of people fleeing the war from Ukraine to other regions, there is a risk that we will have to close the regional assistance center in Prague, “said Hřib. According to him, the metropolis does not relinquish responsibility, because since the beginning of the war it has been doing its best for refugees.

According to the mayor of Prague, the capacity maps are approaching a critical red level, which means a complete disparity between the number of refugees and the capacity of the infrastructure. According to him, the situation is not so serious in other regions, even though there are differences between individual regions.

Roma refugees remain at Central Station

The capital is now dealing mainly with the problem of Roma refugees residing at the main station. Hundreds of people live there in undignified conditions. There are 70 beds in the hall of the Fanta building, which was provided by the Railway Administration, and up to 210 other people can sleep in the attached seat train.

However, all capacities are often full. The municipality therefore asked the state Administration of Refugee Facilities for help, as the city does not have enough suitable accommodation capacity for them.

Interior Minister Vít Rakušan said on Tuesday that the police will start checking the passports of people who say they are coming from Ukraine to see if they actually contain a stamp crossing the European Union border. Only a refugee with such a stamp in his passport will also be entitled to a humanitarian benefit of 5,000 crowns per month.

The Austrian also said at a press conference that the regions should look for accommodation for Roma refugees because the regions did not accept the offer of state-owned facilities. According to him, these are problems only in some regions. Part of the region provides accommodation for Roma families, he said.

There are also problems in schools, where due to the lack of places it may happen that Ukrainian children will not be included among the Czech ones. The mayor therefore calls for a change in legislation that would allow the creation of so-called modular schools, which could solve the problem of lack of places.

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