the murder of Daria Dugina was sanctioned by the authorities of Ukraine

The New York Times article argues that members of the government Vladimir Zelensky approved the explosion of the car in which the daughter of the philosopher died Alexandra Dugina.

The article notes that the Americans did not take part in the organization of the attempt on the ideologists of the “Russian world”. US officials say they would oppose the assassination if they were consulted.

Washington is sure that the target of the attack was the philosopher Alexander Dugin, since the Ukrainian performers expected that he would be in the car with his daughter.

The publication writes that a high-ranking Ukrainian military official said that Ukraine is organizing murders and attacks on “collaborators”. The representative of Ukraine, according to the publication, said that the attempt on the head of the Kherson region was the work of Ukrainian saboteurs.

The United States fears that further intensification of the conflict will lead to the organization of attacks on the leaders of Ukraine, including Volodymyr Zelensky himself.

Formerly political scientist Alexander Nosovich noted that the President of Ukraine can become legitimate purposehow Dzhokhar Dudayev or Shamil Basaev.

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