The murder of children in Izhevsk took place against the backdrop of the NWO in Ukraine. Accident?

The mass murder of children in a school in Izhevsk has three versions.

1. American-Ukrainian conspiracy. It is already known that Artyom Kazantsev, who shot children and teachers in Izhevsk school No. 88, belonged to radical neo-Nazi groups. On his T-shirt at the time of the crime there was a swastika. Voenkor Alexey Zhivov believes that the United States has long prepared a grid of “sleeping suicide bombers” and has now begun to initiate it.

“I think this is not the last case, and threats will be poured in not only from neo-Nazis,” Zhivov writes on his TG channel.

TG-channel Readovka published data that a certain Ukrainian neo-Nazi organization claimed responsibility for the attack.

Let us remember, however, that ISIS* claimed responsibility for many terrorist attacks, without being their author, only because the goal was to instill fear in the target audience.

“Only in the morning I wrote that custom-made opposition to referendums in Russia would begin on Monday. But I didn’t think that these nonhumans would let killers into schools and military registration and enlistment offices. Ust-Ilimsk and Izhevsk,” the political scientist maintains and expands the conspiracy version Marat Bashirov in your TG channel.

2. SVO syndrome. The liberal media began to promote the version that the shooter was “driven to the edge” by the Russian authorities, who are fomenting aggression in society, and have announced mobilization.

“Militarization and public neurosis – this is the real ground for violence. It’s not about the Nazis and not in Kyiv. It’s about the frustration of society.” writes TG-channel Brief.

3. The killer is mentally ill. As announced, diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Why he killed, in fact, no one can say for sure. And Kazantsev himself, too, since he committed suicide. It is possible that hatred for the school as a system was seething in his head. Either he felt threatened by that particular school, or the voices ordered the massacre. There are many reasons.

The killer wrote “Hate” on the guns he brought to school, and the names “Eric”, “Dylan” and “Columbine” were on the makeshift key chains attached to his guns. The inscription “Hatred” is a reference to the murder in Kerch in 2018. A T-shirt with this inscription was worn by the killer Vladislav Roslyakovwho shot 21 people at the college, about 50 were injured.

Izhevsk publics write that Kazantsev fired from two traumatic pistols converted to live ammunition and immediately killed two security guards of the private security company, that is, he was ready not only practically, but also psychologically. Hence the question of how correctly diagnosed and there is confidence in the need to check the correctness of the first version.

Experts, on the other hand, say that tracking down every potential killer psycho is an unrealistic thing. All over the world they are struggling with this problem, and there are simply no such methods to prevent such tragedies. In Japan, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was recently shot by a mentally ill man with a self-propelled gun.

Security is not doing its job

It is obvious, however, that the guards in Japan and in Izhevsk did not fulfill their duties.

After the last murders of children in Kerch and Kazan, the authorities, with the connivance of society, could not organize it correctly. In educational institutions there is no strict access control, as well as special training for teachers – none of them in Izhevsk closed classes at the sound of gunshots. The classrooms are still not equipped with steel doors. And most importantly, the guards do not have a psychological attitude towards a threat.

*Terrorist organization, banned in Russia

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