The moving viral video of a humble mother who fulfilled her daughter’s Christmas dream with cardboard and wood

The moment of delivery of the gift for the little girl. (Video source: TikTok @paoladelvalle16)

A Chilean mother went viral for fulfilling her daughter’s Christmas dream with the items she had at her fingertips.

The 6-year-old girl had asked Santa Claus for a little house to play with her brothers and their dolls.

Paola del Valle, her mother, had no money to buy it, but she managed with the items she could find among the junk.

Elisa was led blindfolded to her gift. Once inside her, her face glowed with joy. “Thank you so much, Mom,” she said.

The gift was a house to play, made with sticks and that inside it had a microwave, bed, a kitchen and a cardboard refrigerator, among other artifacts.

Paola uploaded the video to TikTok and it quickly went viral in Chile. The mother reacted to the thousands of visits stating that “we want to thank the people who have sent us good vibes and who have contacted internally. Thank you so much for everything”.

However, there was also room for bad comments. According to the portal The fourtha woman criticized the mother for “taking advantage of others” and asked her to work for her children.

The mother was forced to upload another video to social networks, now explaining what happened. “Hello everyone, I want to make a clarification regarding the video that I uploaded of my daughter. I didn’t upload it with the intention that so many people would see it. I uploaded it as one more video than we have uploaded on TikTok”

The woman explained that “I wanted to share it because I had a lump in my throat when I saw her emotion. I just wanted to share it. I have deleted a lot of the critical comments.” Paola affirmed that “you see sticks and things like that when we delivered the house, because we were just finishing building it. My children only wanted to give the house to her sister. Then we finished cleaning the yard.”

The user added that she lives in a small town where job opportunities are not many, but she still keeps going. “Everyone here knows me and knows that, day by day, as a single mother with my children, I get ahead. I have four children who are 13, 10, Elisa who is 6 and the youngest who is 4 years old”.

“Believe me that if I had the option of a stable job, I would receive it with a thousand love, but here I don’t have the opportunity. Just ask them to omit comments like this, because my daughter still reads them and sometimes with a mere word they don’t know the damage they cause.

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