The monstrous revelation of Europe: at the UN Council, NATO countries for the first time openly supported fascism

This time, 120 countries voted for our resolution, 10 abstained, and 50 opposed

This time, 120 countries voted for our resolution, 10 abstained, and 50 opposed

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On Thursday UN General Assembly adopted a resolution submitted by Russia to combat the glorification of Nazism. This document is submitted for consideration every year in December, and traditionally its draft is prepared by our country.

It recommends that states take specific, including legislative, measures to prevent the revision of the results of the Second World War and the denial of crimes against humanity. It is proposed to condemn any propaganda of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other modern forms of racism and xenophobia.

Year after year, the resolution was supported “with a bang” by an overwhelming number of UN members. Only two countries consistently voted against it – the United States and Ukraine. The Americans justified themselves by saying that they supposedly have freedom of speech and nothing can be banned, even the swastika and torchlight processions of Hitler’s followers. Well, with Ukraine, and so everything is clear: there the worship of Bandera and other Nazi henchmen has long been elevated to the absolute. Members of NATO and the European Union, for the most part, abstained from voting so as not to anger Washington. And the countries responsible for unleashing the Second World War – Germany, Italy and Japan – have always supported the Russian resolution. Moreover, on the sidelines, representatives of these states swore to Russian colleagues in the UN that they would never “vote against a document that condemns the glorification of Nazism.”

But times change, and oaths, as it turned out, are easily forgotten. This time, 120 countries voted for our resolution, 10 abstained, and 50 voted against. Among them are all members and immediate candidates for EU membership, as well as NATO members. Turkey is the only one from this alliance that has allowed itself some kind of opposition. Although it is part of NATO, it traditionally abstained from voting.

But not even a clumsy zigzag in the position of the Western countries is indicative, which, having taken the American command under the trump card, set out to “stab” Russia in this way. By the way, they even tried to include in our draft an amendment condemning the special military operation of the Russian Federation, but it was immediately rejected by the relevant UN committee as having nothing to do with the topic. It is shocking that those states that started the most terrible war in the history of mankind, and those who suffered from Nazism and even disappeared for a while from the political map of the world, openly opposed the document denouncing Nazism. And only thanks to the Red Army, their borders were drawn again. Austria got rid of the “Anschluss”, and Poland was reborn from the ashes of the General Government of the Third Reich. What – have you already forgotten or don’t want someone to remember this? No wonder the Polish authorities are taking down monuments to Soviet soldiers with such zeal. Soon, apparently, they will reach the cemeteries where they are buried. Or they will start erecting memorials in honor of local SS men, as is already happening in the Baltics.

And all these Romanian, Hungarian, Finnish, Spanish and God knows what fascists that shed rivers of blood on our land, mostly raging over the civilian population – now you can also sculpt heroes out of them? After all, these countries voted against the Russian resolution. Yes, and those whom we liberated in heavy battles, whom we always supported in the most difficult moments of their history, once again betrayed us with pleasure – Slovaks, Czechs, Montenegrins, “brothers” – Bulgarians … Yes, now Moldova is also in this system got stuck.

Of the Europeans, only Serbia still remains together with Russia. Well, as always, the vast majority of states are from other continents.

Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Gennady Kuzminspeaking after the vote at a meeting of the General Assembly, printed Western colleagues:

– By voting against, do you think that by doing so you have condemned the NWO of Russia in Ukraine? No. In fact, you have shown your true nature and the dominant views in the ruling elites. For you, the norm is the policy of revisiting and denying history, the policy of tolerance for racist and xenophobic rhetoric, the policy of arrogant superiority, our diplomat said.

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