The mobilized declared “bestial” conditions in the Taman division and Belgorod

Mobilized citizens of the Russian Federationsent to the Taman division and Belgorod recorded videos complaining about living conditions and the organization of the exercises.

According to the words of the 1st tank battalion of the 1st Taman division mobilized from the 3rd company, no documents were signed. Machine guns were issued, but not recorded in the military ID. There are no stamps on the military ticket either. Mobilized, according to him, are not formalized in any way, bank accounts for wages are not opened. Future fighters were “scattered” through the forests, where they lived for six days in trenches dug on their own.

“They don’t give tents, we lived in dugouts. At the moment there are 400 of us, we are not going to leave anywhere and we are waiting for help from the state,” the mobilized one said.

A complaint was also received from those mobilized from the Belgorod region.

“There are 500 of us with weapons, we are absolutely not assigned to any unit, we lived for a week in bestial conditions, no material support. Absolutely nothing. officers, no one needs us, there is absolutely zero training, we buy food ourselves, not to mention ammunition,” the mobilized complain.

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