The Ministry of Labor presented a model of voluntary social insurance for self-employed citizens

Self-employed citizens will have the opportunity to receive temporary disability benefits. The model of voluntary social insurance for the self-employed, developed by the Ministry of Labor, was presented at the 7th All-Russian Occupational Safety Week in Sochi.

Voluntary social insurance for the self-employed involves the simplest and most understandable mechanism for paying contributions and receiving insurance payments. The amount of the monthly insurance premium will be calculated based on the basic insured income: for 2023 it will amount to 32,484 rubles. The monthly fee will be 1247 rubles.

“The amount of sick pay in the proposed insurance model will vary depending on the length of service of the self-employed and the period of payment of contributions. At the same time, the length of service of a self-employed person will also take into account the period that was worked out under an employment contract in the past, ”said Andrey Pudov, Secretary of State – Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation.

In the first year, when contributions are paid from six to twelve months and the work experience is more than eight years, 100% of the insured amount of earnings will be paid on sick leave with a coefficient of 0.7 – the payment will be 22.7 thousand rubles. per month. With an experience of five to eight years – 80% with a payment of 18.1 thousand rubles. With an experience of up to five years – 60% – the payment will be 13.6 thousand rubles. After payment of contributions during the full year, the amounts will increase to 32.4 thousand rubles, 25.9 thousand rubles. and 19.4 thousand rubles. respectively.

Moreover, if a self-employed person does not use voluntary social insurance payments for a long time, then the amount of contributions will be reduced. So after 18 months without insured events, a reduction factor of 0.9 will be applied to the amount of contributions, and after 24 months – 0.7.

The voluntary insurance program involves sick leave in the following situations: illness, injury, abortion or in vitro fertilization procedure, caring for a sick family member, including a child, prosthetics, treatment in sanatorium and resort organizations after inpatient treatment, quarantine of the insured or his child under the age of 7 years attending a preschool educational organization, or a disabled family member.

“Under the terms of the programs, you can connect to the voluntary social insurance program for the self-employed through the My Tax application. At the same time, it is possible to pay contributions in equal installments throughout the year using auto payment. That is, it will be possible to connect to the insurance program in the most simple and convenient mode for a citizen, through a mobile application, without certificates and personal visits,” he said. Andrey Pudov.

During the development of the voluntary insurance model, consultations were held both with Opora Rossii, the ONF, expert organizations, entrepreneurial public associations and Internet platforms. Several surveys were conducted to establish the level of expected guarantees and subsequent calculations of monthly payments. The necessary amendments to federal legislation are planned to be submitted to the State Duma before the end of the year.

The 7th All-Russian Occupational Safety and Health Week (VNOT) is taking place in the Sirius Science and Art Park in Sochi. More than 100 events are planned in the business program of the congress, in which more than 3 thousand delegates will take part. The VNOT is organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, and the operator is the Roscongress Foundation.

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