The Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded how to report the facts of human trafficking abroad

Ukrainians who are faced with the fact of human trafficking abroad should contact the police at number 112 or consular diplomatic institutions.

This was announced by Deputy Interior Minister Kateryna Pavlichenko during the United News marathon, Ukrinform reports with reference to Telegram MIA.

“If a crime situation has arisen – labor, sexual exploitation, trafficking in children or organs, then abroad you need to report it to 112 or contact consular offices,” she informed.

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Pavlichenko also said that today the units of the National Police are closely cooperating with police officers in those countries where there are most Ukrainian citizens, in particular in Germany and Poland.

“They conduct information campaigns in these countries, and also maintain contact with Europol, Interpol. As a result of interaction, 12 human trafficking offenses were identified, including child trafficking,” she said.

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At the same time, the Deputy Minister stressed that these crimes are becoming more relevant as many Ukrainians have moved to other countries, where they become vulnerable in search of work. According to her, the biggest risk group is women and children who fall into labor and sexual exploitation.

Pavlyuchenko noted that similar incidents could occur on the territory of Ukraine with internally displaced persons. In this regard, she reminded that cases of human trafficking should be reported to the police at number 102, at the same time she advised everyone to use the recommendations prepared jointly with the National Police for self-preservation.

“On World Anti-Trafficking Day, we presented simple, but, in my opinion, effective recommendations on how to protect yourself. In particular, stay in touch with your relatives, understand where you are being taken, do not give documents to unknown people, leave copies of documents,” she said.

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How informed Ukrinform, since the beginning of 2022, Ukrainian police have recorded 77 cases of human trafficking, 26 of which are related to sexual exploitation.

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