The Ministry of Defense showed the work of the military armored train “Volga” in Ukraine

Everyone who travels on this train is under reliable protection.

Everyone who travels on this train is under reliable protection.

From Russia to Ukraine began to walk armored train “Volga”. Modern weapons, equipment for technical reconnaissance and firepower are placed on its platforms, there are also special shelters for firing and repelling enemy attacks.

The train is already being used for mine clearance, as well as the restoration of the railway track and small artificial structures with minor damage.

Despite the fact that an anti-aircraft gun and a heavy machine gun are installed on an open platform, and the cars are protected by 20 mm steel and lined with sandbags inside, combat helicopters cover the armored train from the air. Everyone who rides on this train is under reliable protection.

“In general, there are no obstacles in principle for a special train in cooperation with recovery units. With the majestic calmness of that very river, the Volga armored train moves along the rails. Some time ago, the tracks here were damaged by the Ukrainian military. Specialists of the railway troops of the Western Military District managed to restore them,” Alexander, head of the Volga special train, told reporters.

Somewhere “Volga” runs picking up speed, and in some places it slows down.

“Somewhere we check everything, we study, we practically pass on foot: bridges, crossings, artificial structures. We are inspecting everything so that there is certainly no danger, ”said Anatoly, the driver of the special Volga train.

Armored train fighters still have to switch arrows at crossings manually, since most of the automation on the restored tracks is not yet working.

“Of course, it’s more difficult to drive, there are no dispatchers, there is no one to provide us with the transfer of arrows, so we have to stop, translate manually, redo something somewhere, but on the whole we manage, we are moving forward successfully,” Anatoly added.

Every day, a special Volga train with railway pioneers, despite temporary difficulties, copes with its task one hundred percent.


The Russian Defense Ministry also showed a sortie of attack helicopter crews Ka-52 for the destruction of strongholds and armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the performance of sorties, army aviation pilots launched missiles at positions discovered at a distance of more than 5 kilometers and fortified points of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As a result of combat use, the positions of tanks, anti-tank weapons and other armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine equipped in the fortified area were destroyed.

Army aviation in the course of a special military operation performs the tasks of escorting columns, destroying armored vehicles, delivering troops, military cargo, air support for units performing tasks within the framework of a special operation.


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