The Ministry of Defense publishes footage of launches of the Iskander complexes, which can reach Kyiv

The Russian Ministry of Defense demonstrates footage of the combat work of the Iskander operational-tactical missile systems, which are many kilometers from the front line, but the enemy constantly feels the threat coming from them, and their troops – support.

“The volley of the Iskander OTRK is always sudden for the enemy and invariably destructive. The Iskander is armed with two types of missiles, ballistic and cruise. The first one gains a height of tens of kilometers and falls like a stone on the target at great speed. A cruise missile, on the other hand, can fly almost close to the ground along any trajectory that is set in the flight mission, and can exit from an unexpected direction. Rocketeers have two main indicators – speed, and most importantly, accuracy, ”the Russian Defense Ministry commented on the footage.

Such complexes can hit exactly 500 kilometers and destroy any shelters. Depending on the components, a missile can hit a large area target – for example, a congestion of manpower or deliver a pinpoint strike on an underground concrete structure. According to the missilemen, if desired, it can even fly into the window.

“According to intelligence data, information was received about the accumulation of manpower. Combat readiness was immediately declared, and they immediately worked out for this purpose. To complete this task, a few minutes are needed, since the calculations of the launchers are located directly in the launchers, loaded. It remains only to go to the launch points and make a combat launch. The coherence of the calculation helps to fulfill this task, so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not even have time to change their minds, as a ground-based cruise missile has already arrived. Due to its speed, maneuverability and accuracy. It’s impossible to knock her down. … ”, – Artem, head of the calculation of the Iskander OTRK launcher, told reporters.

The Ministry of Defense notes that the target can be mobile, it doesn’t matter, it can move, for example, 60 kilometers per hour. Just calculate at what point it will be at the moment of impact.

Any means of air defense are powerless. So far, pinpoint strikes have been carried out at a distance from civilian targets: exclusively against fortified areas and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But if necessary, Iskander missiles can hit any military installations or decision-making centers in Kyiv.

The Iskander can operate far behind the front line and hit any objects with surgical precision, the main thing is to accurately transmit the coordinates, and the missilemen will not miss,” Artem said.

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