The Ministry of Defense grows new parts of the arms and legs for wounded soldiers

The method developed by military doctors is unique

The method developed by military doctors is unique

No, these are not Hollywood science fiction films about the creation of cyborgs, but a plot from the operating room of the Main Military Clinical Hospital. N.N. Burdenko of the Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow. Its traumatologists and surgeons have developed and implemented a new method of 3D modeling of implants for the full restoration of the limbs of patients who received severe mine-explosive and gunshot wounds during a special military operation.

– The method developed by military doctors is unique. Such operations in the world with gunshot wounds are not performed by anyone except us. Today, gunshot wounds to the extremities are so severe that they lead to the absence of entire segments of the limbs, such as bone and muscle tissue, from the wounded at the site of bullets or shrapnel. As a result of the operation, the bone is actually recreated in the so-called “case” made of titanium, which ideally repeats the missing fragment, – Leonid Brizhan, deputy head of the N.N. Burdenko GVKG for research work, deputy chief traumatologist of the Russian Defense Ministry, told reporters.

According to military doctors of the hospital, this method will allow creating an individual three-dimensional customized implant for each patient, fully corresponding in size and shape to the lost bone fragment of the victim. This implant is installed in the area of ​​the defect, after which it is filled with bone tissue elements specially grown using the wounded person’s stem cells, followed by the addition of muscle tissue and fragments from the patient’s body.

The Ministry of Defense noted that earlier this kind of injury often led to amputation of limbs. After that, the rehabilitation of patients sometimes took several years, while some of the patients were not able to restore the full functioning of the damaged limbs. And the use of an innovative method of restoring limbs significantly reduces the recovery and rehabilitation of the victims.

The military department praised the doctors and said that the first patient (a significant part of the tibia of the leg was grown to the victim), who underwent this operation in the hospital, fully recovered as soon as possible and, at his own request, had already again gone to the area of ​​​​the special operation. Military doctors plan to share their innovative recovery method with a wide range of medical institutions.

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