The military commissars launched a false fire alarm to hand over subpoenas to the SVO

In Vladivostok, the military commissars tried to force the residents of the house, subject to partial mobilization, to evacuate with the help of a fire alarm.

Employees of the military registration and enlistment office came up with an unusual way to get to citizens suitable for sending to a special operation in Ukraine. The residents of the house, however, turned out to be more cunning.

On September 22, law enforcement officers and employees of military registration and enlistment offices made door-to-door detours in Vladivostok. In one of the residential complexes, they turned on the fire alarm and began to wait for the residents in the hope that citizens would urgently evacuate.

The plan did not work, as the residents of the house had access to security cameras. The news of the “ambush” quickly spread through the house chat. The door to the military commissars was not opened in any of the apartments, so the summons began to be pasted directly on the door.

Earlier it was reported that Russians who are called up for service as part of partial mobilization will take an oathif you haven’t taken it before.

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