The military commander called the date for the exit of the allied troops “to their administrative borders”

A turning point in the Donetsk direction should be expected by the end of August.

This was reported by the military Alexander “Varyag” Matyushin and told when the allied forces would liberate the DNR.

Now united army moving forward in the north of the republic. August 2 Minister of Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu announced the release of six more settlements of the DPR.

“Our troops also entered Peski and Krasnohorovka, and the question of their complete occupation by us is a matter of two or three weeks. After that, our full-fledged offensive will begin against the allied forces storming Slavyansk and Artyomovsk. Already now we can say with confidence that the Ukrainian front will soon collapse, and at the latest in October we will reach our administrative borders,” a military journalist said in an interview with

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are bombing civilians, whom Kyiv for some reason calls its citizens.

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