The memes left by Checo Pérez’s father’s celebration at the Mexican Grand Prix

Checo Pérez's father celebrated the podium of his son Checo Pérez (Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Pérez Gallardo)
Checo Pérez’s father celebrated the podium of his son Checo Pérez (Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Pérez Gallardo)

concluded the 2022 Mexican Grand Prix and Sergio Czech Perez got on the podium again. Just as it did in 2021, Guadalajara reached the third placer after crossing the finish line behind Max Verstappen Y Lewis Hamiltonwho got the first and second place respectively.

However, the person who took the spotlight at the celebrations was Antonio Perez Garibay, dad of Czech Perez. Once the race was over, the father of the Red Bull driver was in charge of starring in a series of celebrations at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome that generated all kinds of reactions on social networks.

And it is that the contrast of emotions between those expressed Czech Perez and those of the federal deputy caused various Internet users to make a series of memes on social networks due to the gestures that the father of the Guadalajara runner starred in. It was through Twitter where most of the memes went viral.

Because the Grand Prix was held in the capital of Mexico City, the Mexican politician was present in the three days of the competitionso he saw from the classification to the award ceremony of the Grand Prix, so he could not hide the euphoria generated by seeing his son run.

Despite the fact that Pérez did not manage to climb to second place in the race, the father of Czech He was satisfied with the result, but his celebrations bothered the different Guadalajara fans who followed the broadcast of the game.

Comments such as: “Checo Pérez’s father disgusts me”, “the only bad thing about Czech Pérez is the opportunistic clown and see me all of his dad”, “what a pity the awkward dad of Czech Perez”, “we can talk about the FAME SEEKER and camera seeker who is the father of Czech Perez?” and “Checo Pérez’s father has already started stealing a camera”, were some of the comments that circulated on networks.

Another gesture that stood out among the festivities was the kiss he received from Lewis Hamilton’s father Well, at the British Grand Prix when his driver sons got on the podium, Antonio Pérez kissed Hamilton’s father for his son’s victory, so the British returned the gesture in Mexico.

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)
Memes of the Grand Prix of Mexico and Checo Pérez's father (Photo: Twitter)
Memes of the Grand Prix of Mexico and Checo Pérez’s father (Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

And it is that the father of Czech Pérez became the shadow of his son since in most of the interviews or cameras that recorded the Formula 1 driver, Antonio Pérez was there. Even when Pérez was receiving instructions from the Red Bull engineers before the match, Sergio’s father was there listening.


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