The meeting of the headquarters for the KRT of St. Petersburg turned into a “booth”

The meeting of the Public Headquarters for KRT in the Parliament of St. Petersburg was held in a raised voice, and critics of the renovation were constantly deprived of the opportunity to speak. However, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Alexander Belsky positively assessed the results of the event.

On Wednesday, the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg hosted the first meeting of the Public Headquarters for Renovation, during which the participants planned further work. During the meeting, four working groups were created – on monitoring citizens’ appeals, on changing the law, on interaction with executive authorities, and on the regulations of the headquarters.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Alexander Belsky positively assessed the results of the first meeting of the Public Headquarters for Renovation. According to the head of parliament, the main tasks have been identified, and the wishes of the apartment owners will supposedly be taken into account.

“We will start not from the norm of the law, but from the interests of people. The results of these meetings – the aspirations of the residents, their problems – will form the basis for further decisions,” Belsky promised from the pages of the official TG channel.

It is noteworthy that the head of the St. Petersburg Parliament opposes legislative norms and the interests of people, although the federal law on the integrated development of territories gives the regions a great opportunity for maneuver, including the inclusion of clauses protecting the owners of Khrushchevs. The same is demanded by the residents, who do not believe the representatives of the authorities “at their word”.

We need not talk, but guarantees

Feedback from other participants in the meeting is not so positive. It is noted that the meeting took place on raised tones, and speakers with criticism and suggestions were constantly interrupted and even turned off the microphones. In addition, the time of the event was chosen inconveniently for working participants. Questions also arose for Belsky himself, who now arrogantly reminded that the meeting participants were “guests”, then, recalling his “democratic” image, called the audience “guys.” The main claim to the work of the headquarters was the lack of constuctive.

“Our task now is to reassure the citizens,” Belsky said in an address to the deputies. “You must convey to the residents that our work is carried out in their interests. It is important to meet people and communicate with them.”

However, as noted by the municipal deputy present at the meeting Fedor Grudinapartment owners need not talk, but guarantees.

“The facts of” calm “may be the legislative norms of the new law, which will guarantee the observance of the rights of residents and remove even theoretical evictions against their will and other disadvantages of the current law,” Grudin notes.

Negatively assessed the course of the meeting and the head of the Ministry of Defense No. 72 Pavel Shvets. However, according to the Mundep, it would be reckless to hope for more.

“Everything is very expected. As we were told, “we are visiting.” I had to pull the blanket over myself a little to at least express my position. Residents are against the law, which was adopted in a week and without discussion,” Shvets summed up.

Previously reportedthat the discussion on renovation initiated by the regional branch of United Russia failed to ensure a dialogue between the legislature and apartment owners. The participants came to the conclusion that the deputies do not want to hear the wishes of the people and intend to defend the interests of developers. Petersburgers note the arrogance of the deputies and invited experts, whose lengthy speeches are not supported by any guarantees.

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