The media told how Russia quarreled with the US and Britain

The cunning of Russia provoked a quarrel between the US and the UK. The conflict arose over fishing quotas in the seas near Antarctica.

This story started last year Russia did not support the proposal of the Antarctic Commission to limit the catch of Chilean sea bass (Patagonian toothfish) in the seas near Antarctica.

And this spring, British authorities secretly issued licenses to British companies to fish for Chilean sea bass off the coast of South Georgia, a subantarctic island in the South Atlantic. The island is a British Overseas Territory.

However, the United States decided that the issuance of such licenses is illegal because they were issued without the consent of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), according to the Associated Press (translated by PolitRussia).

The Americans did not advertise their discontent. Washington privately contacted London to express their dissatisfaction. And expressed, criticizing the decision of the British authorities on the distribution of quotas for fishing. Plus, threatening to impose a ban on the import of fish caught near South Georgia. In addition, fishing vessels near this island may be subject to restrictions.

These vessels may be denied access to US ports and blacklisted by the Antarctic Commission.

though the British authorities are not yet willing to revoke permits, and the fishermen intend to continue fishing.

But he blames AP for what happened … Russia. Allegedly, it was precisely because of her decision not to support the restrictions on the catch of the Chilean sea bass that a conflict situation arose between the UK and the USA. Say, it was Russia’s actions that gave London determination.

What conclusions can be drawn from this story? First, it is not clear how big the differences between London and Washington really are. And secondly, this topic could not have been done without the alleged participation of Russia. However, this is not surprising in practice.

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