The meaning of strikes on the infrastructure of Ukraine is revealed: why the energy system has not yet been destroyed and what Russia is striving for

Ukraine is in darkness again

Ukraine is in darkness again

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The strike on the independent on Friday, December 15, was the ninth massive attack by missiles and drones by Russian forces. Which was sent to key Ukrainian energy security facilities. It is for those who are directly involved in the movement of trains with equipment by rail, and in the supply of electricity to factories. Those who are trying to restore the broken both Ukrainian and Western armored vehicles, knocked out in the battles in the Donbass, as well as in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. According to various sources, a total of 60 up to 100 high-precision missiles, as well as Geranium-type kamikaze drones.

Ukrainian facilities were covered by two morning waves. Judging by the video footage from Kyiv and the Kyiv region that appeared on social networks, police crews moved through the streets of the Ukrainian capital in the morning, urging fellow citizens through loudspeakers to immediately leave the houses built under the Soviet Union and quickly take refuge in bomb shelters (also built in the Soviet era). Shelter not from Russian missiles – from falling fragments of missiles of Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems.

The capital’s mayor Vitali Klitschko in his telegram channel said that, according to Kyiv rescuers, explosions on Friday were noted in the Desnyansky, Dnipropetrovsk and Goloseevsky districts of the capital. And he stressed that the case smells of kerosene.

KP.RU contacted for comment military expert, retired colonel Mikhail Timoshenko.

– Well, as they say, the skiff came to the Ukrainian railways?

– Not. 70% of roads in Ukraine are electrified. And 30% of the roads are machine-drawn. Diesels are running.

– A lot of them?

– Long ago, after we started knocking out traction substations, they began to pull up these diesel engines, removing them from non-electrified roads. To transport troops to the east, these spare diesel locomotives are actively used right now. And we don’t know the number of diesel locomotives Ukrainians use.

– That is, these strikes did not interrupt the supply of Ukrainian troops by rail?

– Unfortunately no. In terms of railway density, Ukraine was the most saturated of all the Union republics of the USSR. Both in terms of density and length. And they go from one road to another – no problem. If there is traction.

– And the bridges?

– Well, if they have more than 20 undamaged bridges across the Dnieper, what do we want?

– What about the Soviet experience of the rail war and countering it?

– The experience was serious. If the station is a junction station or a first class station, there are standby diesel engines with electric generators. And you have an energy management system. Let’s say we knocked out a station that provided energy to a power plant that provided a road. Well, they can switch to rod control. Arrows to translate manually. Manage semaphores. If they have the opportunity. Can crawl

– That is, we did not cut off their oxygen?

– Not yet.

– On Friday, the blow fell on six regions – again they hit the thermal power plant and thermal power plant?

– Thermal power plants – they feed the looped power system. Dispatchers direct energy to the affected region. All of them are relatively small. Everything is compact.

– That is, the strikes of hundreds of missiles – almost in vain?

– The railroad is a living thing. And breaking bridges is hard. If the bridge is steel, this is a lattice calculated with a margin. And you have to hit the grid exactly. Or, better, at the top of the support, in the skating rink, on which the grate rests. But here sniper accuracy is needed.

– Should we have destroyed these two dozen bridges across the Dnieper long ago?

– To destroy these bridges, you need a damn abyss of missiles.

– Including why we did not blow them up?

– Including. As an example – the bridge in Odessa across the creek. It has been hit more than 10 times. It is currently working on a limited load. Well, you knocked out the rail-sleeper lattice at some place. The repair train arrives. And after 6-12 hours, it closes your funnel. He lays the rails – and the trains went.

– That is, their destruction is Sisyphean labor?

– Yes, as well as with traction substations. If it knocks out cravings, it should be restored after 4 hours. This is if the distribution area is destroyed at these substations. And if the transformer is knocked out, it must be changed.

– Is there anything to change?

– They had a transformer factory in Zaporozhye. And when the supply ran out, they began to beg from Europe. In general, the center element is a transformer. Also, when you hit the TPP, it is best to get into the turbine or transformer shop. And if they get into distribution, high-voltage sites – well, to hell with them. It will be restored within 12 hours. The maximum is a day.


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