The Marías Islands will open their doors before Christmas

(REUTERS/Henry Romero/File Photo)
(REUTERS/Henry Romero/File Photo)

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorannounced this Tuesday, December 13, that the emblematic Islas Marías prison will open its doors to tourism before Christmas after the construction of a museum and the establishment of sea and air routes.

There is very good news, the Marías Islands are going to be opened for exploration tourism. It is important that it be known that at the end of this year, before Christmas I think, and tomorrow we will report well, it will be possible to go to the Islas Marías, “said López Obrador.

The Marías Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, more than 100 kilometers from the coast of the western state of Nayarit, a natural paradise that for nearly a century housed one of the prisons reputed to be the cruelest and most inhumane in the country.

Now, the president announced that before the Christmas celebrations three of the islands, the Mother Mary, the Mary Magdalene and the Cleopas Mary, they will begin to receive tourist visitors under the administration of the Secretary of the Navy.

(REUTERS/Henry Romero)
(REUTERS/Henry Romero)

They already have the houses, the museum is finished, all the streets have been fixed. It will be managed by the Secretary of the Navy, there will be flights and also ferries, which can be boarded in San Blas (Nyarit), it is likely that in Mazatlán (Sinaloa)”, stressed the president.

About shipping, explained that they have acquired two ferries with a capacity of about 200 passengers.

In addition, he said that the project, which he will visit this Friday, “it’s culture and history” and defined the penalty as “the most famous in the history of Mexico, the most feared”.

Exceptional characters were imprisoned there. José Revueltas, who wrote the book ‘Muros de agua’ (1941), which has to do with the Islas Marías, was imprisoned. He was there twice as an opponent, he was punished by the regime”, he recalled.

Photo: File
Photo: File

He also recommended a film about the archipelago starring the actor and singer Pedro Infante, “The Marias Islands” (1951).

The president had an impact on the tourist commitment that his administration is making on the coast of the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, “Where are the most elegant hotels in Mexico and the world”, according to your perspective.

However, he pointed out, they are building a hotel “so that people can go with their family”.

After visiting the islands on Friday, López Obrador indicated that he will tour the states of Nyarit, Sinaloa and Durango to supervise various hydraulic works and spend time with marginalized communities..

The Marías Islands are an archipelago made up of 4 islands, and the largest is where the penitentiary center (Cuartoscuro) was located.
The Marías Islands are an archipelago made up of 4 islands, and the largest is where the penitentiary center (Cuartoscuro) was located.

The Islas Marías were opened in full porfiriatoin 1905, and closed in 2019. Renowned personalities passed through its cells, such as the writer and political activist Jose Revueltas, and in total, the time that it functioned as a prison, housed some 45 thousand prisoners.

Jose Revueltas inspired one of his books called The walls of waterin his two stays in prison, one in 1932 and another in 1935. He was sent to prison, accused of being a “communist”.

The building in which the prison was located, which was located in the Maria Madre Island, The largest and only one of this group of islands that has been inhabited, it has been reformed with the aim of looking towards a sustainable future, becoming a unique nature reserve. In total, the archipelago is made up of four islands, where wildlife abounds.


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