The majority of Russians were in favor of equalizing the pensions of working and non-working pensioners

Most Russians are in favor of equal pensions for working and non-working pensioners

Most Russians are in favor of equal pensions for working and non-working pensioners

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From August 1, working pensioners traditionally recalculate pensions. True, the increase will not be very large – plus 350 rubles maximum. The KP.RU website conducted a survey and found out what Russians think about this, and whether, in their opinion, it is worth equalizing the pensions of working and non-working citizens.

As it turned out, 62% of respondents believe that pensions should depend on the length of service a person has, and not on whether he continues to work in retirement or not. Russians wonder why people who continue to work in retirement and pay taxes in good faith get less than their unemployed peers.

“Pension bonuses in percentage terms should be equal for both working and non-working pensioners,” one of the survey participants believes.

“The indexation of pensions for working and non-working pensioners should be the same, but taking into account the length of service and last salary. And now working pensioners are being “punished” for continuing to work. It’s not fair,” agrees another.

“It is necessary to return indexation to working pensioners, they were treated very ugly,” a third nods.

Moreover, another 15% of Russians said that pensions should be the same for all pensioners, regardless of whether they work or not, how much they received, when they worked, in what area they worked, etc.

However, there were also those who support the existing system. Thus, 14% of respondents said that non-working pensioners should receive more workers. After all, those who work and so can earn a piece of bread, and not only. But the unemployed have nothing else to rely on, except for state payments, so these payments must be worthy so that a person in old age does not need anything and can live for his own pleasure.

But 6% of respondents, on the contrary, added that working pensioners should receive more, because these are people with vast experience, knowledge, and when they quit, science, medicine, education and many other areas will lose very valuable personnel. Such people should be valued and encouraged in every possible way for their further work, including pensions, the study participants believe.

The remaining 3% of the respondents said they found it difficult to answer the question.

A study in social networks was conducted by the KP.RU website. The survey involved 12.2 thousand people.

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