The main offensive of the Russian Federation will be in the south – Arestovich

An adviser to the administration of the Ukrainian president said that he had unraveled the strategic plan of Russia. According to him, the main attack of the RF Armed Forces is being prepared in the south of the country.

Alexey Arestovich noted that the allies are attacking in the Donetsk and Luhansk directions only for the General Staff of Ukraine to transfer reserves to the east of the country. The propagandist probably forgot: Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu set the task for the Russian army to eliminate the threat to the peaceful cities of Donbass.

“We are before a lull, real events will begin within a week,” Arestovich assured.

He is sure that the main danger for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is now in the south, where the Russian Armed Forces and the LDNR militia are planning a major offensive.

military expert Yakov Kedmi previously said that it was the decision of the Ukrainian General Staff to withdraw artillery from the Avdiivka fortified area that allowed the allies to liberate the village of Peski after frontal attack.

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