The Little Big group released an acutely social video about militarism

Little Big group led by soloist Ilya Prusikin released a video on a military theme with meanings, which everyone considered in their own way.

In the clip, big barefoot soldiers are playing chess, shaking the ashes into an ashtray, which turns out to be a bombed-out city. People with closed mouths are guarded by armed people. The nuclear button is pressed from the White House and the world is “reset”.

Prusikin himself plays in a clip called Generation cancellation, which is called “what mother gave birth to”, hiding behind a guitar. The clip was published on the night of June 24 and has already gained about 200 thousand views.

Viewers leave rave reviews under the video, saturated with expressive images.

“For a long time there was nothing fresh and here, finally, a special song with a video that makes sense. What else can I say, well done Little Big”;

“Here they are, the old Little Big – bold, creative and interesting”;

“This is the fourth time I’m rewatching it. It’s just incredible how so much sense can fit in two minutes. For me, this is your best work at the moment. Bravo and thank you so much for doing this!” — write Internet users.

Formerly Prusikin of Little Big responded to attacks ex-mayor of Irkutsk.

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