the list of VUS with partial mobilization is absolutely confidential information

According to the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense Andrey Kartapolovspecific names of military registration specialties (APU) subject to conscription citizens, as well as other criteria, cannot be named, since this is completely classified information.

“The point is not that it is necessary to publish the entire list of who is called up. This is actually absolutely classified information. The names of military specialties, their number, the name of age categories – all this can reveal the plan of mobilization, which is, in general, state secret,” Kartapolov said after the plenary session in the State Duma.

Thus Kartapolov reacted to the words of the deputy Alexey Kurinnywho proposed to publish full information about the requirements for citizens who are subject to partial mobilization so that the authorities can keep this process under their control and, if necessary, “punish the neraleksey kurinynyyivyh officials.”

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