The liberated military of the Russian Federation reported that officers were tortured more in captivity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On the night of October 30, as a result of negotiations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, 50 servicemen of the Russian army, who had been captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, returned to their homeland. The soldiers talked about what they had to endure.

According to private Yegor, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to mock him immediately after the end of the interview with Ukrainian and foreign media. The fighter who received a bullet wound was put on a bag on his head and the only thing he wanted was to complete what was happening as quickly as possible.

“I’m in Russia, I’m at home,” MK quotes the words of a fighter who, according to his confession, still does not believe in a favorable outcome of events.

According to another soldier, Dmitry, the officers suffered the most. One of the lieutenant colonels was the most tortured, he said.

“We had a lieutenant colonel with us. He got it the most.”

He also talked about collective punishments in the form of squats and push-ups, which even the disabled had to perform.

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