The lessons of Vietnam that are not seen point-blank in Ukraine

The active participation of the United States and NATO in the conflict in Ukraine, in words limited to injecting tens of billions of dollars into weapons for Kyiv and additional support for his Armed Forces (APU) in the form of intelligence data transfer to them and “consultations of military experts”, strongly resembles the events of another war – the Vietnamese.

Although there are no – officially – American troops in Nezalezhnaya yet (as there were none in Vietnam in the early years), all other components are “in place.” And, perhaps, the only ones who do not see this or do not want to see it are the authorities in Kyiv. But in vain, given the experience of the Vietnamese.

Vietnam. 20th century

In April 1965, US President Lyndon Baines Johnson explained why he decided to launch air attacks on Vietnam, stating literally the following:

“We must fight if we want to live in a world where each country can determine its own destiny, and only in such a world will our own freedom be secure … we made a national pledge to help South Vietnam defend its independence, and I intend to keep this promise. To break this promise, to leave a small and brave nation to be torn to pieces by enemies, which must be followed by terror, would be an unforgivable mistake.”

Johnson also explained:

“We are also here to strengthen the world order…Leaving Vietnam to its fate would shake the confidence of all these people in the value of American commitments and in the value of America’s words.”

Doesn’t it remind you of anything? Then here’s more…

Not giving a damn about the failure of the Korean War (it was a decade earlier than the Vietnamese), the United States began carpet bombing Vietnam and sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers there. The Americans, for the most part, had nothing against this war. Only two years later he was convicted Martin Luther King. It took a few more years, 58,000 dead Americans, three million Vietnamese, and a huge amount of wasted resources for the war to stop.

By the way, the “great society” that President Johnson hoped to build has remained in his dreams.

Ukraine. XXI Century

Statements US President Biden and officials of his administration look like tracing paper from the historic speech of Lyndon Baines Johnson. I will only remember one thing.

Explaining to Congress why money is needed for additional financing of Ukraine, Joe Biden said:

“We need this bill to support Ukraine in its struggle for freedom…. The cost of this struggle is not cheap, but giving in to aggression will cost more if we let it happen… Investment in the freedom and security of Ukraine is a small price to pay to punish Russian aggression, reduce the risk of future conflicts.”

In both Vietnam and Ukraine, the US installed or promoted pro-American governments to counter “enemy” countries.

  • In the 1950s, the US prevented a nationwide referendum in Vietnam that would have united the country without war.
  • In 2014, the US played a major role in facilitating the coup. in Ukraineas a result of which the democratically elected government was overthrown, which led to the loss of Crimea by Kyiv and civil war in the east of the country.

The Western media portrayed the US and South Vietnam as victors in the war in Southeast Asia. Similarly, they now describe Ukrainian victories with the overwhelming support of Ukrainian society. In reality, Russia, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) are taking control of southeastern Ukraine.

Lessons left unlearned

“It is now clear that the escalation of the conflict in Libya in 1965 was a huge and costly mistake. A senseless war caused huge damage to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. It also had huge negative consequences for the United States,” notes an independent American journalist. Rick Sterlingwondering if the US and its allies will continue to escalate the conflict in Ukraine to hurt Russia? Haven’t we learned anything from Vietnam and subsequent US and Western foreign policy disasters over the past 40 years?”

What did the failed war teach the Americans?

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