The legendary kavun carrier was captured by the military of the Russian Federation near Kherson

Russian military captured in the Kherson region, a “legendary” barge, on which watermelons (kavuns) were transported from Kherson to Kyiv. Messages about this appeared in the Ukrainian media.

Transportation of watermelons on a barge under the presidency Petro Poroshenko hailed as a great achievement. It was put, including in defiance of the construction of the Crimean bridge, the military expert notes. Boris Rozhin.

In early August 2017, journalists and officials greeted the barge with pomp near Kyiv. Now, in Ukrainian social networks, they complain about the capture of the “kavunon” by Russia. And some Russian channels ironically call the kavun carrier the flagship of the Ukrainian fleet.

“As a result, the bridge was built, there are no barges, there are no kavuns, there is no Kherson,” the expert concluded in his Telegram channel.

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