The legend of the mirror and clicking Gabk in front of the car. Mty, who assassinates Heydrich | Serily

The problem is that the source of general knowledge is overwhelmed by filmmakers, communist historians such as Amorto Amorta and nonsense, which historians and authors of non-fiction for many years caused the problematic resistance Ladislav Vank very willing to go to the Gestapo and authorized StB agent.

Pro failed submachine gun?

The most debated is that a submachine gun failed for Gabk. The weapon got stuck, because it got into them for the necks, it was not tightened to the head, Gabk did not want to fight so as not to endanger civilians near the tram, etc.

Little did the facts about the assassination. tte big series Beast Heydrich

Beast Heydrich

The truth is probably a lot simpler: Sten-gun submachine guns had 32 rounds in the magazine, which put too much pressure on the spring, which both led to the rise of the fighting. Therefore, from the spring of 1942, the British had the order not to put in the magazine of this submachine gun more than 28 nboj.

Then Gabk didn’t make her pointless like a hare with a submachine gun before Heydrich’s car drove off! This is the 1964 South Bohemian series, because he thought it was an acne film!

However, since then, the flow to Heydrich in our country has been remembered by almost everyone, even if it is stupid. This is because the idea would be enough to just add gas and the figure of little Gabka (164 cm), who would have such a bad insight for shooting, simply knocked down.

The legend of Valk with a freak

After a detailed series of historians, we should say goodbye to the fact that the SS-3 car was signaled by a reflection of the sun’s rays in the mirror of Josef Valk from the Silver A parachute group or Rela Fafkov should pass the assassins either in a hat or I mean, Heydrich goes sm, with his entourage.

In a cart with a gun under a blanket?

The point is that the flow to the deputy protector was practically the last problem, because it was soon to be sent to France. The thesis that the British dog gave his main rival, Fwehr Admirl Wilhelm Canaris, is also pointless.

It is not true at all that Ladislav Vank watched the assassination in a wheelchair with a pistol under a blanket and that the whole stream was filmed on his camera by Colonel Jaroslav Plass.

Fighting mtm and inaccuracies is always tk and often seldom spn. Proof of this is, for example, the film by reiser Sean Ellis Anthropoid from 2016, where the reisr together with the screenwriter Anthony Frewin thus took many of Vak’s fables and glorified his person again.

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