The legality of the coronation of Charles III was under threat because of the monarch’s affair

The coronation of Charles III is scheduled for May.

The coronation of Charles III is scheduled for May.

A photo: REUTERS

Coronation of the new British Charles III planned on May 6, it will be held in London’s Westminster Abbey. About two thousand guests were invited to the celebration.

But the actual coronation may not be valid. The reason is the romance of the Prince of Wales with Camilla Parker-Bowles, who later became his second wife and queen consort.

The Anglican Church, which is responsible for placing a new monarch on the throne, has never had to coronate a divorced man who, moreover, had previously confessed to adultery.

Back then, Prince Charles publicly admitted that he cheated on his wife, Princess Diana, with Camilla Parker-Bowles. And now this fact may require systemic changes in existing procedures, including changing the text of the oath.

All this may first require a legal assessment, and then consideration and approval by Parliament.

However, in the UK they also believe that the coronation as a procedure has nothing to do with the legal system of the state, since it is just a ritual.

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