The lawyer spoke about the payments provided by the employer in addition to the salary

Lawyer Elena Kuderko told the Prime agency that employers must provide employees with various additional payments in addition to wages. These include sick pay, vacation pay and overtime.

In addition, according to her, an additional payment is due for overtime work – if the employee works more than the time specified in the employment contract or performs additional duties.

As the lawyer noted, the first two hours are paid at the rate of one and a half, then double. However, if desired, the employee can take compensation with time off.

On a business trip, an employee must be paid not only for travel and housing, but also for daily allowances – at least 700 rubles a day. If an employee uses personal property for work: cellular communications, a car, a laptop, they must also pay for them. The amount of additional payment is regulated by the employment contract or additional agreements to it, Kuderko noted.

The lawyer added that salaries should also be indexed once a year, but the amount of this indexation is not specified in the law.

Earlier it was reported that a third of employers are confident in the importance of the social package for attracting employees.

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