The latest news about the situation in and around Ukraine on September 29, 2022: the White House began to make excuses for undermining the Nord Streams, in Kyiv they were engaged in the “reform” of nuclear energy

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

A photo: REUTERS


White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made a clumsy attempt to justify her superiors on charges of blowing up three strings of the Nord Stream gas pipelines. By the way, many in Europe regarded this action as a sabotage by the United States or special units of Great Britain, recalling how in February 2022 President Biden threatened to “end” the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.

– President Biden did not promise to destroy Nord Stream, he promised to “prevent” its commissioning, Jean-Pierre told reporters, pretending that there was no difference between “let’s end it” and “not allow commissioning”. It is noteworthy that no one has officially accused the United States yet, but Washington is already “molding excuses.”

Meanwhile, as KP wrote yesterday, what happened is not sabotage, and not even sabotage, but a real act of international terrorism. That is how the explosion of gas pipelines was qualified by the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, which opened a criminal case on these facts and began an investigation.

Americans are starting to look more and more like the ever-memorable “Ludwig Aristarkhovich”, who looks at a pile of shit in an elevator and pretends to be surprised: “Who did this?”


A new petition appeared on the website of the President of Ukraine. The author of the initiative asks Zelensky to officially announce his withdrawal from the Budapest Memorandum and return nuclear status to Ukraine. Zelensky should make a statement “after providing Kyiv with nuclear weapons from the United States.” Recall that a few days earlier, another “alternatively gifted” Ukrainian historian suggested Zelensky to “rent” Israel’s nuclear weapons.

It is noteworthy that over the 5 days of the existence of the petition, only a little more than 200 people signed it. Probably the same “alternatively gifted” as the author of the petition.


British Prime Minister Liz Truss, in whose short time of leadership the country has already experienced several shocks (the death of the Queen, a record fall in the pound sterling, etc.), held telephone conversations with the President of Ukraine (so far) Volodymyr Zelensky.

During the conversation, madam promised that Kyiv could count on the support of Great Britain until “until President Putin is defeated.” The statement is very opportunistic, especially considering that with respect to Truss herself, her party colleagues, according to some information, are preparing to hold a vote of confidence in the UK Parliament, which with a high probability may result in her resignation, including for the position on Ukraine.

Zelensky would have betrayed himself if he had not used this conversation for new begging for weapons and money.

– We expect the leadership of London in the reaction to the Russian pseudo-referenda. The only answer should be strengthening military and financial support for Ukraine,” he reported in his Telegram channel.


A new wave of demonstrations and rallies demanding that the government of the country resign, stop the policy of anti-Russian sanctions and support for Bandera Ukraine swept through the cities of the Czech Republic. In Prague, Brno, Pilsen, České Budějovice, Ostrava, Karvin, Haviřov, Liberec and other cities of the country, mass actions swept under the general motto “The Czech Republic comes first”

“Among the demands put forward by the organizers of the action are the resignation of the current liberal government, the country’s military neutrality, direct agreements with Russia on gas supplies at low prices, the release of the Czech industry from foreign dependence and similar demands,” RIA Novosti journalists reported.

At this rate, they will soon reach the support of the NWO in Ukraine. Or won’t they?


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada is clearly not satisfied with the fact that Russian athletes, for political reasons, have not been allowed to compete in international competitions for a number of years. Now Canadian diplomats are not happy with the fact that a number of their athletes compete in the “wrong countries”.

We Canadians value our values. Athletes who decide to play and cooperate with Russia and Belarus must explain their decisions to the public. Our government has made it very clear. Canadians should avoid traveling to these countries. If they are still in Russia or Belarus, they must leave, – put the actual ultimatum to the KHL players of Canadian origin, the press secretary of the Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly.

By the way, 44 hockey players from Canada are currently playing in the KHL teams. And whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada will provide them with contracts and a comparable level of income, if we talk about values, Melanie chose not to specify.


Several states immediately recommended their citizens to urgently leave Russia.

“U.S. citizens should not visit Russia, and those who reside in or travel within Russia should leave the country immediately while there are still limited opportunities for commercial travel,” the U.S. embassy in Moscow said.

The governments of Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia and Romania joined the Americans with similar “recommendations”. It is noteworthy that similar “recommendations” have been made repeatedly by the governments of these countries over the past few years, including in the spring of this year. The reasons for such an announcement this time are the concern for its citizens in the event that Moscow decides to call upon mobilization for the war with Ukraine persons with dual citizenship.

Calm down, little ones. Russia does not even call its new fellow citizens from the former territories of Ukraine that became part of Russia into the army, and even “mishandled Cossack women” with a double bottom (citizenship) are not needed at all.


Advisor to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podoliak outlined the Ukrainian vision of the timing of the end of the war. He stated that it could end in 3-3.5 months after the capture of Donetsk and Lugansk.

– The first component is the amount of equipment. The second is the fall of one of the cities – Lugansk or Donetsk, he said at first, but immediately corrected himself. – After the fall of Lugansk and Donetsk, 3-3.5 months and the war will finally end in the completely liberated territories of Ukraine, within the borders of 1991.

When this might happen, Podolyak did not specify, but with all the petty breadth of his soul, Svidomite promised death to the mobilized Russians: “The mobilized Russians who surrender have a chance to save their lives. Everyone else will not have it.”

You swim shallowly, Misha. You will not take either Donetsk or Luhansk, which means that the war will continue “until the last Ukrainian.” However, unlike a broad, but not very smart Ukrainian, we can say that all Ukrainians who surrendered will simply save their lives, and not that they have a chance not to be shot.


– The Odessa City Council failed the vote for the dismantling of the monument to Catherine II, refusing by a majority vote to demolish the monument to the founders of Odessa. Something tells us that this monument will also outlive the current Ukrainian government.

– Speaker of the State Duma of Russia Vyacheslav Volodin proposed to pick up cars abandoned at the border by those who left Russia due to mobilization and give them to military families. It’s a good idea, but it’s definitely not enough for all those mobilized.

– A fourth case of monkeypox infection was registered in Ukraine, as reported by the chief medical officer Nezalezhnoy Igor Kuzin, who promised that the epidemic of this disease would not threaten the country due to the lack of “epidemic potential”. It was he who obviously did not visit the front in the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Or even in the Kharkiv metro, where a gay parade in embroidered shirts was held just now.

– Ukrainian students who are trying to go to study in the EU have been massively detained at checkpoints on the Ukrainian-Polish border. Some had to call an ambulance after the beatings.

– Anna Semenovich in Ukraine was recognized as a threat to national security.

– In Kyiv, they started reforming the country’s nuclear power industry. The Government of Nezalezhnaya renamed the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant into Pivdennoukrainskaya. The city of Yuzhnoukrainsk has still retained its former name. Now they’re definitely screwed up.

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