The latest news about the situation around Ukraine on July 29, 2022: The duplicity of the Dynamo coach, the indifference of Cairo to Kyiv, the soreness of the Secretary of the Security Council

Egypt will do without Ukrainian grain

Egypt will do without Ukrainian grain

A photo: REUTERS

Egypt will do without Ukrainian grain

Agency Reuters reported that Egypt refuses from Ukrainian grain. According to the British, the General Directorate for the Supply of Goods (GASC) of this North African country released two companies, Nibulon and Inerco Trade, from their obligations to ship 240,000 tons of wheat. The Egyptians bought this wheat back in December 2021. But they did not have time to ship the grain. In total, about 300 thousand tons of grain for Cairo got stuck in the square. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at recent negotiations in the Egyptian capital, he explained in detail that our country is doing its best to ensure that consumers of Ukrainian grain can get it. And Kyiv, it seems, is doing its best to ensure that this does not happen. Because Cairo is now looking at more reliable suppliers – and they are definitely not under the yellow-Blakith flag.

Kherson region shelling spotters caught

Russian special services revealed Ukrainian agents – such during the Great Patriotic War ended on the spot. These people corrected shelling in the Kherson region. They were managed by a female coordinator. The report says: “Citizen of Ukraine Andrei Tikunov was detained while trying to film a video at a military facility.” This 22-year-old lad worked at a cannery, and in between rolling cans, he corrected the rocket and artillery fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Due to the tips of the lively Andreika, the blows of Ukrainian artillerymen reached the Russian army corps stationed in the Kherson region. He also had accomplices, and the boss turned out to be a garna of a Ukrainian divchyna. However, now the beauty will fade.

“Warriors of Light” drop American weapons

APU throw vaunted American M777 howitzers during the retreat. This was admitted by the commander of the Ukrainian company of the 10th mountain assault brigade Andriy Savchuk. He promptly surrendered to the fighters of the LPR. And, raising his hands, he told the whole truth: “If a gun breaks down in foreign armies, it is taken for repair, and we were told that it should be repaired on the spot.” But according to Savchuk, this is almost impossible under constant shelling. Bottom line – the APU is left with faulty M777. Komroty said that the troops were very well provided with weapons at the beginning of the special operation, but by mid-July his unit was left without ammunition and weapons, despite the fact that a significant part of foreign weapons was abandoned when fleeing from positions. This positive confession video should be shown to US congressmen who are lobbying for arms supplies to Kyiv.

Secretary of the Ukrainian Security Council boldly threatens Moscow

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, said that in response to Russian missile strikes, Kyiv could attack “territories where it comes from.” He told the doubters that Kyiv has the will to make serious decisions. And just this will saved the square on February 24-25. Danilov said: “The statement of our president that we will give an answer exactly on the territories where this comes from is a clear confirmation of our determination.” But in general, Ukrainian determination has so far extended to the peaceful villages of the Kursk, Bryansk and Belgorod regions, where the brave Ukrainian rocket and helicopter pilots destroyed cowsheds, clubs, schools and houses of ordinary villagers with their high-precision strikes.

East Germans don’t care about Ukraine

German edition Der Tagesspiegel received Forsa survey data for several months – and according to these data, in the east of Germany, significantly more respondents than in the west of the country believe that Germany is doing too much to support Ukraine. In the west, this opinion is shared by about one in five (18%) residents, and in the east – 34%. From the beginning of May, between 54% and 61% of West Germans were in favor of Berlin delivering heavy weapons to Kyiv. And in the east of Germany, such steps are supported by an average of 32%. And in general, the former residents of the GDR, for the most part, believe that the government should deal with the problem of its population, and not fulfill the hysterical demands of Kyiv. Still, people east of the wall were properly educated.

Ukrainian refugees in Britain got homeowners

The family of 36-year-old Maxim Hirik with five children (why is he not defending his homeland?), who was previously expelled from the house by a British officer, cannot find housing in any way. Why? Landlords do not want to rent anything to Ukrainian refugees. Hirik and his family arrived in the kingdom in May. Housing within the framework of the state program in the town of Fairham was provided by an officer of the Royal Navy, Dudley Malster. But a few weeks later he demanded that they leave the house. Hirick raised over £20,000 through crowdfunding. But already a dozen homeowners have denied them the opportunity to rent housing. Now a team of four (!) lawyers is dealing with his problem. They are trying to help him with housing and employment. But the question is: where does this poor refugee get the money to drag a family of nine people from Ukraine to Britain, and how could he hire a whole crowd of lawyers to solve his problems?

The coach of Kyiv “Dynamo” is amazed by the cries of the Turks

Mircea Lucescu, coach of Dynamo Kyiv, was indignant at the Turkish Fenerbahce fans chanting the name of the President of Russia during the Champions League match in Istanbul. Kievans won 2:1. When, in the 57th minute of the match, Dynamo player Vitaliy Buyalsky scored a goal and made a provocative gesture towards local fans, the stands began to chant “Putin”. Because of this, coach Lucescu did not appear at the post-match press conference. But he said: “I did not expect such chants. I’m really sorry”. And when five years ago he was the head coach of the St. Petersburg “Zenith” and received 4 million euros a year in a country headed by Putin – was the Romanian coach not sorry?

The head of the Belgian Foreign Ministry visited the Russian Crimea

The newly minted head of the Belgian Foreign Ministry, Aja Labib, visited Crimea exactly a year ago and called it part of Russia. Another would have been blacklisted for this by the Peacemaker website banned in the Russian Federation, but the tolerant Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is ready to turn a blind eye to many things in special cases: “We positively note Lyabib’s assurances of supporting Ukraine in its struggle against Russia. We will continue to coordinate the positions of Ukraine and Belgium in the context of imposing new EU sanctions against Russia, and providing Ukraine with military and financial assistance.” But this girl was in Sevastopol on July 24, 2021 at the Global Values ​​festival. And in social networks she posted her photos from there and a message that she received a Russian visa for a visit to Crimea. In a year, she realized the mistakes of her stormy (but recent) youth and repented qualitatively? Double standards – no, not heard.

Ukrainians in Donbass shoot their own

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the militants of the independent territorial defense on the territory of the DPR shot down a group of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine when they tried to leave their positions. Here is what Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov said: “During the retreat on July 25 from the settlement of Pokrovskoye of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the remnants of the 15th battalion of the 58th motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine came under heavy fire from their own. Ukrainian motorized riflemen were shot by militants of the 118th Territorial Defense Brigade.” This detachment occupied the positions of the second echelon in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe settlement of Bakhmutskoye. And then they will be considered heroes of the battles with the eastern barbarians?

Rada to the Poles is so glad that it gave them a lot of rights

Rada supported bill on special guarantees for citizens of Poland. They will be free to stay on the territory of Ukraine for a year and a half after the adoption of the law. The Poles will have all the same rights and freedoms as the citizens of the independent. The law was supported by 283 deputies of the Rada. The Poles were given the right to employment and state registration as taxpayers, business activities, education in educational institutions, medical care in Ukraine and certain social benefits in accordance with the law. It is significant that Zelensky initiated the bill “as a token of gratitude to the Polish people for their solidarity and support for Ukraine.” It is unlikely that he will be reciprocated by the families of Polish mercenaries, who are already being crushed in the Donbas by the hundreds. And Ukrainian social benefits and medical care are, of course, priceless…

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