The latest news about the situation around Ukraine on July 28, 2022: Kyiv against the “warthogs”, a new prosecutor general has been appointed in the square, Ukrainian flags are hidden in the Czech Republic

On the night of July 27-28, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired 36 missiles at the Kherson region

On the night of July 27-28, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired 36 missiles at the Kherson region

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APU continue to hit the bridges

On the night of July 27-28, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired 36 missiles at the Kherson region. Despite the jubilation in Ukrainian social networks, the Antonovsky auto bridge in Kherson has not been destroyed. But he was damaged – and they were hit by American MLRS HIMARS missiles. Here is what Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the military-civilian administration of the region, said: “There are hits on the bridge, the bridge has not been destroyed. Added holes. The bridge is currently closed to traffic. Civilian cars are allowed to detour through Novaya Kakhovka. Well, the Russian Ministry of Defense is solving the problem of traffic with the help of pontoons and ferries. Repair work is underway on the Antonovsky Bridge. The Armed Forces of Ukraine also tried to attack the railway bridge across the Dnieper. Well, of course – after all, the commander-in-chief himself gave them an order: to win everything back before autumn! And he is ahead – on a white horse …

The new air reconnaissance complex will show everything in full view

The new reconnaissance complex of the Russian Aerospace Forces began to be used in the sky in the NVO zone. It was created on the basis Su-34 bomber. The complex is not alone. Their use gives an accurate determination of the coordinates and other parameters of enemy targets. Including air defense and radar positions. The reconnaissance complexes are equipped with a suspended universal reconnaissance container – optoelectronic, radar and radio engineering. This equipment allows you to transmit information about enemy military facilities almost in real time. Well, not all of Kyiv can admire the pictures from American satellites.

In Crimea, they offer to move to Odessa

Vladimir Konstantinov, Speaker of the Crimean Parliament, suggested expand geography actions of the special operation to the hero-city of Odessa. Konstantinov stated: “The geography of the special operation in the southern direction should be expanded to Nikolaev and Odessa. Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov should also be liberated.” This, according to the parliamentarian, will both ensure the security of the Russian borders and prevent NATO from gaining a foothold in the Black Sea region. The head of the Foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, announced earlier about the change in the geographical tasks of the NWO. What did they exclaim in Kyiv about the “liberation of Kherson”?

Kyiv turns up its nose from American stormtroopers?

Yuriy Sak, Advisor to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine said that mighty and the modern Ukrainian army does not need American flying junk. The adviser had in mind the American attack aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt (Warthog). And Kyiv needs modern aircraft – like the F-16. The representative of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is sure that the old attack aircraft will not help close the airspace: “They would become targets for Russian fighters and air defense systems, we do not have the means to provide them with effective cover or break through the enemy air defense system.” The Americans themselves call these attack aircraft “warthogs” for their appearance, and they have been flying for 46 years to hit armored vehicles on the battlefield. And the boys, you see, doubt. Yes, you take what they give – what’s the difference what to resell later.

The negotiator will become the new Prosecutor General of the Independent

Zelensky proposed to the Rada the candidacy of the new prosecutor general independent. it MP from the ruling Servant of the People party Andrey Kostin. The draft resolution has already been received by the leadership of the parliament and the relevant committee. This matter will not be delayed. Andrey Kostin, 49, a native of Odessa and a professional lawyer, has been heading the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legal Policy for two and a half years. He represented the Ukrainian delegation at the talks of the political subgroup of the Contact Group on the settlement of the situation in Donbass. How it was all regulated is well known to everyone.

People are returning to the Zaporozhye region

Volodymyr Rogov, a member of the main council of the administration of the Zaporozhye region, said that citizens began to actively return to the liberated part of the region. The reason is the desire to obtain Russian passports and take part in the referendum. Rogov said: “People who, not knowing what would happen next, left when the special operation began, are now returning, and at a fairly rapid pace.” According to the official, “there is a clear understanding that the population of the region will increase by 15-20% from the current figure.” It is indicative that residents of the regional center, the city of Zaporozhye, are also massively moving to the liberated part of the region. It still remains under the control of the Kyiv regime. But people can smell which way the wind blows.

Czechs remove yellow-Blakyt banners in closets

The iDNES portal notes that Ukrainian flags removed in a number of Czech cities from local government buildings. Somewhere at the request of the local population, and somewhere the repair was a good reason. Thus, in the administration of the city of Nachod, journalists were told: “Citizens applied that the Czech flag should hang on the town hall building.” Whether the Ukrainian flag will return to the town hall, the city hall itself does not yet know. The mayor of the city of Cherveny-Kostelets said that the use of state symbols should be deliberate: “We live in the Czech Republic, not in Ukraine. And we see no reason to return the flags.” The yellow-blaky banner was removed from the town hall in Kolin: “We do not plan to return the flag back.” Due to the repair of the facade, the flag also disappeared from the town hall in České Budějovice. As they like to rhetorically ask in the square: is this a win? In general, this is a pattern.

What will follow the default of Naftogaz

The Wall Street Journal suggests that default of the Ukrainian state energy company Naftogaz will lead to a chain reaction in the economy and financial system of the country. The total amount of obligations of Naftogaz on bonds exceeded $1.4 billion. The payment period expired last week. The American edition believes: default by one of the largest taxpayers of the independent will worsen the financial situation of the entire country. And holders of the rest of Naftogaz’s Eurobonds, payments on which must be made later, may demand accelerated repayment. How many ropes do not twist …

Ukrainians are trying to deprive Donetsk citizens of light

The official telegram channel of the Ministry of Coal and Energy of the republic reported: more than 4.5 thousand household subscribers remain without power supply in the DPR. 57 transformer substations, a hospital, a school, a kindergarten, 4,508 household subscribers have been de-energized on the territory of the republic. Most of the users were without electricity as a result of hostilities. The report says: “Power engineers still do not have access to a number of damaged facilities for their restoration. Where there is such an opportunity, specialists are already working.” And those who hit the water and power supply facilities in the liberated territories must understand that people who survived this cannot be returned under the flags of barbarians.

LPR conduct propaganda fire on the enemy

The people’s militia of the LPR is firing at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine not only with serious, but also with propaganda shells. Soldiers of the artillery regiment of the second corps of the people’s militia of the LPR fire at enemy positions with propaganda shells from 122-mm self-propelled guns 2S1 “Gvozdika”. The Russian Defense Ministry said: “Each projectile contains up to 400 leaflets with calls about the senselessness and criminality of carrying out the orders of the Kyiv authorities, as well as instructions for action for those who have decided to voluntarily stop resistance and lay down their arms.” The color of such ammunition is red. Like a traffic signal for those who still misunderstood something.

Russians at UN demand arms embargo for Kyiv

Dmitry Polyansky, the first deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN said that in order to control the supply of weapons to Ukraine, it is necessary to introduce an embargo from the UN against the square. Why is it necessary to adopt an appropriate resolution of the Security Council. However, Polyansky admits that Western countries will never allow such a document to be adopted. Despite this, Moscow will continue to raise this issue in the UN Security Council. The work of almost Sisyphean…


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