The latest news about the situation around Ukraine on January 13, 2023: the disappearance of an entire brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the encirclement of Artemivsk and new Russian tanks

Uralvagonzavod supplied the Ministry of Defense with a new batch of modern tanks T-90M

Uralvagonzavod supplied the Ministry of Defense with a new batch of modern tanks T-90M “Breakthrough”

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Ukrainian paratroopers in Soledar betrayed the precepts of the British

On January 12, it became known that the majority of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Soledar area were fighters of the 77th Airmobile Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was formed in the fall in Zhytomyr on the basis of the 199th Airborne Assault Troops Training Center. The “elite unit” included at least three battalions. They had dozens of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles of Soviet and Western production. Most of the paratroopers were trained in Britain. A special training center was created for them there. But the drill from the cool British military instructors did not help the gouging raguls to become supermen. In Soledar, the brigade fell into the cauldron. Many of the paratroopers surrendered. Those who did not have time to raise their hands laid down their heads. The British flag was torn like a heating pad.

How is the progress at Artemovsk

Igor Kimakovsky, adviser to the acting head of the DPR, said that Russian troops are seriously advanced in the Artemovsk regionHe stated: “Artillery suppresses enemy forces. In some areas, they cannot get out of the trenches. This is also manifested in the Donetsk direction. The number of attacks on the city has decreased. Our troops are starting to work more efficiently. We have some progress in the Avdiivka direction.” According to the head of the DPR Pushilin, the possibilities for the liberation of Artemovsk have improved many times over. And Kyiv composes another heroic epic about epic heroes on indestructible frontiers.

Artillery coordinates will be determined by sounds

Our military has developed good software for Android smartphones. It determines the coordinates of enemy artillery by the sounds of shots. In the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”report that this is a non-standard artillery reconnaissance tool used along with sound-measuring systems in service with the Russian army. The authors of the publication specify: “Four sound meters with smartphones (tablets) are located at a distance of 3-6 km from the line of contact. And with the help of such software, the time of detection of the sound of a shot is determined both in automatic and in manual mode. Time synchronization is based on the data of the satellite navigation system. If there is a connection between smartphones, internal synchronization occurs. The obtained values ​​are transferred to the central tablet. And the coordinates of the sounding target are calculated. Which is quickly covered with a copper basin.

T-90M will arrive in the NWO zone

Uralvagonzavod delivered a new batch to the Ministry of Defense modern T-90M tanks “Breakthrough”. This is an upgraded version of the T-90A main battle tank. Equipped with a new turret, a new generation of dynamic protection, a new gun, modern communications, a more powerful engine. The tank conveyor is now working around the clock – like other workshops of UVZ mechanical assembly. The staff of the Nizhny Tagil enterprise “is doing everything possible to successfully fulfill tasks of national importance.” Now try to stop this Breakthrough.

How does the conflict in the independent threaten the US military-industrial complex

Carlos del Toro, Secretary of the US Navy, believes that the continuation of the military conflict in Ukraine for many months will become a threat to the US military-industrial complex. The minister said: “If the conflict continues for six months to a year, it will threaten the supply chain.” Del Toro urged arms manufacturers to increase their investment in labor and capital investment to increase the output of the military-industrial complex. America must become great again, as Trump bequeathed – but without the Ukrainian hassle.

Why is Kyiv moving troops to the north

Vadym Prystaiko, the Ukrainian ambassador in London, said that Ukraine took part of the troops to the north of the country, to the borders with Belarus. On air sky news the diplomat said: “We are forced to transfer troops to the north of Ukraine. I had to take them away from the front line to be sure that they would not come and try to cut the line that connects us with the West.” Naive rabbits can’t see beyond their carrots.

How many people left Ukraine according to the UN

Since the beginning of the NWO, a total of 7,967,409 refugees have arrived in Europe from Ukraine. In the last week alone, they have increased by 52,122 people. These are the data of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). According to him, Russia received the most refugees – 2,852,395 people. In second place is Poland (1,563,386 people). This is followed by Germany (1,021,667 people), Czech Republic (478,614 people), Italy (167,925 people), Spain (161,012 people), Britain (154,600 people), Bulgaria (150,510 people), France (118,994 people). ), Romania (106,786 people), Slovakia (105,732 people) and Moldova (102,016 people). In other countries, this number does not exceed 100 thousand people. 4,926,369 refugees are included in national temporary protection and support programs. In general, after February 24, 2022, 17,408,643 people arrived from the independent to neighboring countries. You don’t run away from a good country like that.

How many Ukrainians destroyed in the Belgorod region

Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of the Belgorod region, said that more than 400 residential premises in Shebekino, Belgorod region, were destroyed or damaged due to constant shelling from the Ukrainian side. The head of the region wrote in his telegram channel: “To date, destruction of varying degrees has been recorded in 409 residential premises. In 40% of cases, everything is completely restored.”


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