The latest news about the situation around Ukraine on January 10, 2023: the Russian offensive is pushing through the key point of defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Chechen commander is waiting for success in Soledar

In Berlin, they are trying to find 40 BMP Marder, which Chancellor Olaf Scholz recklessly promised Kyiv

In Berlin, they are trying to find 40 BMP Marder, which Chancellor Olaf Scholz recklessly promised Kyiv

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Russia presses on a key point of defense

The offensive of the Russian army continues in the key, Donetsk direction. This is reported by the Ministry of Defense. Fierce battles for control of strategic points continue around Artemovsk – aka Bakhmut. It is he who is a strategic point from where it is convenient to develop an offensive, cutting the enemy groupings and depriving him of supplies. Therefore, now the situation is slowly moving towards a turning point.

Chechen commander waits for the liberation of Soledar

One of the keys to the occupation of Artemovsk is the liberation of Soledar. And, according to the Chechen commander Apta Alaudinov, the city may soon come under the control of our military. By the way – under Soledar, in salt mines, there is another underground city. In Soviet times, hundreds and thousands of wagons with weapons were brought here. A In the tunnels of the mines, even tanks can move freely. So it is difficult to overestimate the importance of intercepting a settlement.

Alaudinov reports that the situation in this sector of the front is developing in such a way that the Armed Forces of Ukraine should think about “how they can withdraw at least the remnants of their forces and means.”

Captured Russians are being tortured with electric shocks and have their teeth knocked out

Beatings, torture and executions became the norm of the Kyiv regime during the interrogation of prisoners. The Investigative Committee of Russia, after another exchange, recorded the facts of the inhuman treatment of Ukrainian Nazis towards servicemen. We are talking about methodical beatings, torture with electric current, knocking out teeth. And this is not a complete list. Europe traditionally continues to turn a blind eye to the monstrous and long-confirmed violations of the Geneva Convention.

Hungarians welcome truce request

Péter Szijjarto, head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, said at a press conference after meeting with his colleague Kristof Apala from the Democratic Republic of the Congo that he considers Moscow’s announcement of a Christmas truce in the hostilities in the Square on January 6 and 7 to be the right decision. Szijjártó said: “We want to see the world next door to us in Ukraine as soon as possible. We know that the path to peace lies through a ceasefire and peace negotiations. And we welcome everything that helps the ceasefire.” Interestingly, we also welcome this, but in Kyiv there are hearing problems.

Kyiv admits it gets a lot of junk

Vadym Prystaiko, the Independent’s ambassador to Britain, said that the Western weapons supplied to Kyiv were mostly out of service. In an interview with Newsweek, he noted that in Ukraine they are already joking that if someone wants to dispose of their weapons, they can transfer them to Kyiv. Prystaiko opened up: “In normal, peacetime, no one would want to talk about it in such terms. But now, why not?” I still had to let a mean man’s tear.

The independent recognized the effectiveness of Russian cyberattacks

Viktor Zhora, deputy head of the State Service for Special Communications of Ukraine, who leads cybersecurity operations, spoke about the effectiveness of Russian cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. As an example, he cited the attack on the energy company DTEK in July 2022. According to Zhora, at that time the Russian side launched a missile attack on the Krivoy Rog Thermal Power Plant and at the same time attacked the corporate network. According to Zhora, this also happened in Odessa, Lvov and Nikolaev. The deputy head of the State Service for Special Communications of Ukraine said that such attacks disable the operation of data transmission services, IT infrastructure, power grids, telecommunications and critical infrastructure. And you hoped that they would admonish you with a kind word?

In the square they mine the border area with Belarus

The State Border Committee of Belarus reported that Kyiv continues to mine the territory bordering the republic. According to the border guards, the Ukrainians are digging anti-tank ditches, setting mine-explosive barriers, organizing blockages. And this is not done by border guards, but by “military personnel with various uniforms”, territorial defense units and unidentified military formations. The border committee of Belarus reported that the border was guarded in an enhanced regime, and “the border guards are ready to carry out their tasks.” Well, the main thing is that the neighbors do not massively start to explode on their own mines and fall into their own ditches. Otherwise, blaming others for their own stupidity is a favorite trick of Zelensky’s henchmen.

In the West they begin to see clearly – in Kyiv, an authoritarian regime

Ted Galen Carpenter, a columnist for The American Conservative, believes that while the Western media is inflating the myth of secession as a “free democracy”, in reality the regime is increasingly showing authoritarian behavior. But, as the columnist notes, “Western cheerleaders in Ukraine are not ashamed at all. They continue to portray the country as a freedom-loving democracy, although evidence continues to mount that this is not the case. Carpenter notes a number of decisions by the Kyiv authorities that are not compatible with the image of Zelensky. He writes: “Genuine democracies do not ban opposition parties or shut down opposition media. They do not subject everything to strict censorship (and strict state control). He also cited other measures – non-compliance with legal procedures, the publication of “black lists” of domestic and foreign critics. This observer has not yet been to the Donbass …

Soviet transformers ran out, and Western ones do not work

Volodymyr Kudrytsky, the head of Ukrenergo, said that there is an acute shortage of Soviet transformers in the country. He stated: “For the first eight months of the conflict, the country did not suffer so much, because we had a large supply of transformers. Now they have become urgently needed. There is a particularly acute shortage of devices with a voltage of 750 kV, their weight reaches 200 tons. The Ukrainian power system uses an old Soviet scheme operating at a higher voltage than the EU systems. And it is incompatible with Western equipment. Well, then what will you do with European supplies?


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