The last monument to the Soviet “liberator” was dismantled in Verkhovyna

In the Carpathian region, on the territory of the Verkhovyna settlement council, the last monument to the “liberator” of the Soviet era was dismantled.

About this June 23 at Facebook Roman Klim, deputy editor of the newspaper Verkhovinski Visti, said, Ukrinform reports.

“The last of the five monuments to the “liberator” of the Soviet era was dismantled yesterday on the territory of the Verkhovinsky village council,” Klim noted.

According to him, the first to dismantle the monument was near the building of the Verkhovinsky District Council on May 29. Behind them, the dismantling of Soviet monuments was carried out in the villages of Iltsy, Krasnik, Upper Yaseniv.

As Ukrinform reported, after the start of the open Russian invasion of Ukraine, anti-colonial practices have intensified: monuments dedicated to Soviet or Russian figures and historical events related to the Russian Federation are being dismantled throughout the country, and streets and other topographical objects are being renamed.

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