The last gas pipeline to Europe is under threat

After immediately four strings of Russian gas pipelines “Nord Stream“have been damaged, and supplies through Ukraine have been stopped by Gazprom” may stop due to “illegal claims and demands of Naftogaz”, the only pipeline through which gas is still steadily supplied to Europe remains the Turkish Stream.

But he looks like he’ll get up soon. And certainly not at the initiative or fault of Russia. Today it became known that the Netherlands has revoked the license from South Stream Transport BV, the Turkish Stream operator. Moreover, this was done on September 18, before undermining “Northern Streams”.

As follows from the statement Oleg AksyutinCEO of South Stream Transport BV, the reason for revoking the license is “a ban on the supply of goods and the provision of services, including technical assistance and pipeline maintenance in the exclusive economic zone and on the continental shelf of Russia.”

“The suspension of the license affects all contracts related to the technical support of the gas pipeline, including design, production, assembly, testing, repair, maintenance and training,” South Stream Transport BV said.

That is, gas will be supplied along the bottom of the Black Sea to Turkey, and then to Serbia and Hungary, but if there is some kind of breakdown or trouble with the pipes, they will not be able to repair them, because anti-Russian sanctions prohibit the operator from purchasing European pipes.


  • The capacity of the Turkish Stream is 33 billion cubic meters of gas per year.
  • Most of the pipeline is at a depth of three kilometers and needs constant monitoring for damage due to “seismic activity”.

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