The largest evacuation from Mariupol was successful. Russian offensive lost momentum World

Mariupol, now predominantly dominated by the Russians, has been virtually razed to the ground since the beginning of the invasion. The Ukrainian government has been trying to evacuate civilians from the devastated city for more than two months.

According to Reuters, the people first had to get out of the city, then their steps led to Berdyansk – about 80 kilometers further west along the coast.

Nikolai Pavlov, 72, said he lived in a basement for a month after destroying his apartment. A relative managed to get him away. “As soon as we made it, there were a lot of older people among us … the trip was devastating. But it was worth it, “he said after the arrival of the column.

Iryna Petrenko, for example, said that she originally stayed in the city to take care of her 92-year-old mother. She died a few weeks later. “We buried her next to her house, there was nowhere else to bury her,” she said. According to her, the Russian authorities prevented them from leaving the city for a long time.

“My parents’ house was hit by an air strike, all the windows were broken,” said Julia Panteleeva, 27, who left town with her parents. “I can’t even imagine what would happen to us if we stayed at home,” she said.

Moscow claims that it has Mariupol under its control, even though Ukrainian defenders remain in the local Azovstal steelworks. Kyiv denies that the city fell into Russian hands. After the Russian attacks, the city is largely destroyed. About 100,000 people survive in it, ie about a quarter of its pre-war population.

Moscow calls its actions a “special military operation” to disarm Ukraine and rid it of what it portrays as “anti-Russian nationalism.” Ukraine and the West claim that Russia has launched an unprovoked war.

No further rapid advance by the Russians is expected

According to British military intelligence, it is unlikely that Russia will significantly accelerate its progress in Ukraine in the next thirty days. The British Ministry of Defense stated this in its daily assessment of the development of the war on Sunday morning.

According to British military correspondents, the Russian offensive on Donbas has lost its strength and is significantly behind schedule. “Under the current circumstances, Russia is unlikely to dramatically accelerate its progress over the next thirty days,” they said.

On Friday, Ukrainian forces prevented an attempt to cross the Russian River in Donbas, an eastern area including the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, which is the focus of the war.

Russia has so far probably lost a third of the ground forces it joined in the offensive in February. In the last month, the Russian army has failed to make significant territorial gains and, on the contrary, is facing a high rate of wear and tear.

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