The Kyiv regime is doing everything so that civilians do not leave along the gum corridors

Kyiv regime does everything to prevent civilians from leaving the conflict zone along humanitarian corridors: he misinforms and intimidates people.

It seems to the authorities of Ukraine that it is beneficial that there be as many victims among the civilian population as possible.

Civilians who managed to get out of the war zone say that they were never notified of the opportunity to leave along the humanitarian corridor. And the Azov militants*, nurtured by the Nazis in Kyiv, stubbornly held civilians hostage in Mariupol.

RT tells about the refugee Alena, who is now in Taganrog.

“We didn’t leave until the last minute… No Ukrainian troops helped us, we didn’t see a single Ukrainian volunteer at all,” the woman says.

She is not yet ready to say whether she will return to Mariupol.

“I need to realize whether there will be life there,” summed up a refugee abandoned by Ukraine.

* Ukrainian nationalist battalion, whose activities are recognized as extremist and terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation.

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