“The Knowledge Society is about constant search and change”: Maxim Dreval spoke about plans to adjust the work of an educational organization to meet the needs of young people

On December 13, the Kremlin Palace will host a landmark event - the presentation of the Knowledge Prize

On December 13, the Kremlin Palace will host a landmark event – the presentation of the Knowledge Prize

Moscow is hosting a forum of civil participation “We are together”, where thousands of volunteers, youth representatives and leaders of innovative projects have come. In the open studio of the Komsomolskaya Pravda media group, Maxim Dreval, General Director of the Knowledge Society, summed up the preliminary results of the organization’s work in 2022 and shared plans for 2023.


– Maxim Alekseevich, the year is coming to an end, I would like to take stock. What was it like for the Knowledge Society?

– It was not easy for everyone, not only for the Knowledge Society. Complicated, inspiring, large-scale, important, responsible – I can cite many adjectives about the outgoing year. The reboot of the Knowledge society, first of all, landed just this year. Turning around, we see really large-scale results. A huge community of lecturers – more than 9 thousand talented people actively involved in enlightenment, enthusiasts who are ready to learn together, develop, acquire new skills, and change.

A huge number of views and participants of various formats: online marathons, films, face-to-face events, stand-ups, battles, debates, contests, intellectual games. More than a million full-time participants, more than a billion views on the Internet …

– Giant numbers!

– The first emotion is the scale and results. Sociological surveys show that we have managed to reach out to young people. Make the formats they like. Among those who participated in the projects of the Knowledge Society, more than 80% were satisfied, they are interested. And about the same indicator of trust in lecturers, in the content that the Knowledge society creates. It was very important for us to select lecturers, lectures and make sure that we had only reliable, up-to-date knowledge. And this trust has been achieved.

But there is still a thought about unity, cohesion. We in the Znanie society also felt this ourselves: the NWO, the liberated territories, immediately launched activities there, supporting young people. A huge number of lecturers, with the help of the Knowledge Society, went, despite the danger to their lives, to work there with the population. The lecturers worked with the mobilized, with the military, in the border areas, in official centers. Projects about the heroes of the NWO, in general, about the heroes. We even published comics based on the heroes of the CBO. The idea is to show that real heroes are not characters from the film, but ordinary people among us who, out of love for the Motherland, go to the feat.


– Is education in demand in our society now?

– It has always been in demand. People have always wanted to develop, to learn new things. Only priorities have changed. Recently, the need for knowledge has naturally grown: the world is accelerating, professions become obsolete very quickly, new introductory ones appear. And it forces you to constantly change and learn. In principle, this skill becomes the determining factor for success. Hence the constant need for education. This is a natural request.

But there was also an NWO – a powerful challenge for our country, the prerequisites for which have long been formed. There are several factors that greatly raise the priority of education. Firstly, a huge number of fakes, disinformation. There is an incredible demand for truth. The second story is, in fact, military actions that unfolded against our culture and history. With attempts to rewrite it, cancel it. Enlightenment is called upon to protect the historical truth and carry this knowledge. Well, the third is about traditional values. About education, especially youth. We lived in conditions of openness to the whole world. They let in a different culture. As a result, we are faced with the threat that our youth has not preserved our traditional values ​​so well. There is a cultural conflict. And this is all a very big challenge for us now – to strengthen, preserve and disseminate our traditional spiritual and moral values. This is also the subject of a recent presidential decree.

Traditional values ​​are some spiritual and moral guidelines that form the worldview of young people. These are images of heroes, lecturers, teachers, examples of outstanding people in our country. This is all that the Knowledge Society does. We, in addition to knowledge, carry these images and carry mentorship, inspiration through these people. It is not for nothing that next year in Russia is the Year of the Teacher and Mentor. Everything suggests that we are close to the apogee in this spiral in terms of the importance of knowledge, enlightenment, mentoring. This is becoming one of the key values ​​in our country again.


– On December 13, a large-scale event is planned – the presentation of the Knowledge Prize. How will she change?

– First of all – the scale. Twice as many applications, the State Kremlin Palace… The importance of education is growing, we want to show it to the whole country. The idea of ​​the award is not so much to select laureates as to show to all other educators or those who could become them how much society and the state appreciate them, how much they appreciate this work. And also to inspire those who are already in enlightenment to get even more involved and not leave this space anywhere. For those who haven’t yet, please join.

This year, for the first time, we had project defenses and pitchings in person. From all over the country, and from new regions. It seemed to me that outstanding educators, nominees came from all over the country, they were listened to by very respected figures of our country from various fields – statesmen, scientists, cultural figures, artists, first persons who, by their presence, personal participation, showed how important education is.

Another differentiating factor. Last year it was a space on Pushkinskaya, the Musical House, which was not completely filled. A large hall, but not comparable to the Kremlin Palace. Now we can not accommodate everyone who wants to be on the Knowledge Prize. And this is more than 5 thousand seats. These are happy distinctions.

Another difference is that educators from new regions are participating. And we have a separate nomination “We are together” – one of the most popular. A lot of projects, areas of activity of our nominees are devoted to the NWO, history, protection of historical truth, education. This reflects everything I was talking about. It was not only the Knowledge Society that saw the request in this way, it was all the educators of our country who saw it this way. I’m looking forward to December 13th. It’s such a warm moment… And every time it gives a burst of motivation.


– What will surprise the Knowledge Society in the future, 2023, year?

– We ourselves do not yet know what we will come up with for the whole next year. We’ve only been restarting for a year and a half. Therefore, the whole year is a huge space for experiments. But we already understand for sure that there are several new areas where we will actively develop. We are in the Decade of Science and Technology. A lot has been done. We have ambitious plans for next year. We want to unite the stage of the competitive system of young scientists, who best popularizes science, on the other hand, to bring them to all schools. This is a big challenge.

The Year of the Teacher and Mentor also forces us to organize many forums and festivals on the topic of mentoring. I am sure that the Mashuk Knowledge Center, which we opened this year with Rosmolodezh, will become the main hub. We will be actively filling it all next year. It is very indicative and pleasant that it is in the Year of the Teacher and Mentor that this will happen. Lecturers, teachers, professors have very big plans there. We want the Knowledge Society to be an ecosystem platform. The task is not so much to do everything ourselves, but to create mechanisms for talented people to receive opportunities and resources for the implementation of educational projects.

We have many plans for new regions. Full-fledged lecture halls will appear there, and the infrastructure of regional branches will be deployed. They are already leading in comparison with many other regions of our country. I’m afraid to imagine what will happen next year.

A new project for us is the training of employees of departments. Almost all of our departments themselves came to the Knowledge Society with a request to organize work with personnel next year. It is also a very powerful tool. They have a desire to give them knowledge and skills. They live in the same reality, subject to outside pressure, fakes, threats. It’s good that there is a mutual request. It will unfold into a massive project.

We will continue to amaze with marathons and new formats. I won’t reveal any secrets for now. It is important for us to maintain the wow effect, after all, we work with young people. There will definitely be many youth formats – podcasts, comics. We tried pointwise this year, successful formats will be scaled up. In addition, several more experiments will take place next year. In this regard, the Knowledge Society, its reboot is just about constant search and change. We want to follow the youth, following the request, constantly adapt, improve, introduce new things.

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