The Judiciary schedules for this Wednesday the 28th the hearing of Pedro Castillo against preventive detention

Composition: Infobae Peru.
Composition: Infobae Peru.

The Power of attorney scheduled for this Wednesday, December 28, the appeal hearing of the former President of the Republic, Pedro Castilloagainst the 18 months of preventive detention that he is serving in the Barbadillo prison, where he was held after the failed self-coup d’état on December 7.

The instance in charge of reviewing Castillo’s appeal will be the Permanent Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court that, from 9 in the morning, you will see the subject. The former president is prosecuted for the alleged crimes of rebellion, conspiracy, abuse of authority and serious disturbance of public peace.

Judge Juan Carlos Checkley, of the Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation, issued the preventive detention measure against Castillo on December 15. This after finding well-founded elements of conviction, a possible sentence of more than four years in prison and procedural danger in the case of the former president.

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However, Castillo’s legal defense seeks an appearance with restrictions and release. Among the arguments, presented by the lawyer Wilfredo Robles Riverait is mentioned that Judge Checkley made a mistake by not ascertaining if the Congress complied with the procedure established in article 89 of its regulations to lift the prerogative of political impeachment.

They dictate 18 months of preventive detention against Pedro Castillo. Justice TV

In addition, they allege that the measure was lifted on Sunday, December 11 through an agreement of the Plenary of Congress after receiving a letter from the National Prosecutor’s Office.

“Congress held session on Sunday, December 11 at 5:00 pm, officiating an agreement with Benavides Vargas that is not the product of a political prejudice. The investigative judge abdicated his obligation to carry out a constitutionality control to comply with a political slogan: everyone against Pedro Castillo!, trampling on the guarantee of due process and turning the preventive detention procedure into a pantomime, into an act of political revenge against the accused”, considers Castillo’s legal defense.

Along these lines, they also accuse the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavidesof having “deployed an unconstitutional and illegal action” by formalizing the preliminary investigation and requesting preventive detention against Terrones Castle. Judge Checkley would have been involved in this strategy.

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The ex-president’s relatives assured days ago that he has certain health problems. Vilma Vasquez Castilloniece of the former president, attended the Directorate of Special Operations of the PNP (Dinoes) last Friday the 16th and referred to this issue.

“Until yesterday I was dealing with a sensitive issue, I ask the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) that they help us, that the health of the ‘president’, that for anything that happens to him, the Congress and the prosecution. They are violating his rights for something that he has not committed, let them prove it first (…) He is (incarcerated) unfairly, ”said Vásquez.

Vasquez Castillo He was also part of the delegation that met, along with Pedro Castillowith the technical team of the IACHR last Thursday the 22nd. The group stayed in Peru for two days and met with various authorities, including the president of Congress and the Prosecutor of the Nation Patricia Benavides.

“He is in delicate health, I speak for what I have seen, not for the rest. I can’t tell you more, it’s delicate, yes, and that’s enough, I think. We ask for justice and that everything be made transparent, ”said the woman as she left her meeting with the IACHR.


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